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Prabhat Ranjan has made his debut in the world of writing with his remarkable Hindi novel With You; Without You. The book will be available in the online stores and all major book stores very soon. While the author is very enthusiastic about the book, the same enthusiasm can be seen in the readers when they communicate with the author through his official social media pages or the website. Before the book is launched and you read this book, we have decided to give you an advanced preview of the content you will getting in the book so that you can anticipate what you would be getting to read by the newcomer author Prabhat Ranjan. Not only this novel, his second novel Priyanka – A Pakistani Girl is also complete and will be in the market after some time. 

The story of the novel is about three friends and the story is told in the first person from the point of view of Nishind: 

“… मैं, रमी और आदित्य । रमी को इस नाम से सिर्फ सिर्फ मैं ही पुकारता था, बाकी दोस्त रश्मि ही कहते थे, वैसे उसका पूरा नाम ”रश्मि देसाई” था। मेरे सारे दोस्त मुझे निशिन्द ही कहते सिवाय रमी के, वह मुझे निशि कहती थी। आदित्य को मैं कभी आदि कहता हूँ तो कभी आदित्य।” 

You must have understood who are the central protagonists in the novel. They are Nishind, Rami and Aditya. Close friends who grow up together and live together until they form a confused triangle of love not knowing who loves whom and who thinks of whom as a friend only. 

With You; Without You might be told from the perspective of Nishind, but author Prabhat Ranjan has given out a sharp detail of the character of Rami or Rashmi Desai. Rashmi is the only girl who has to spend most of the part of life between two male friends of her – Nishind and Aditya. You will find in the words of Rashmi that bitter angst and sometimes the harsh realities of a being a woman in this modern world which thinks of girls in different manners than what they expect… 

Prabhat Ranjan has also called out those men of this modern society who are using the garb of love for their petty sexual interests. His bold writing is the testimony to the fact that not all the men think alike; there are the men who care for the interest of women and their well-being. Prabhat writes: 

“जो व्यक्ति किसी लड़की के स्वेच्छा या फिर उसकी इच्छा के बगैर की उसके जीवन की किसी सेक्सुअल घटना को उसके साथ के अपने संबंधों के भविष्य का आधार बनाता है वह व्यक्ति वास्तव में किसी भी लड़की से प्यार नहीं कर सकता । इस तरह की घटिया सोच रखने वाले आदि जैसे लोग किसी भी लड़की से प्यार करना तो दूर की बात उसकी सामान्य इज्जत भी नहीं कर सकते हैं।”

The novel is full of thoughts, intrigues, thrill and a plot which will keep the readers attached to the novel until the end! You cannot keep this aside without reading it completely because the novel has been written with utmost care by an author who has seen many different facets of life himself! 

The wait for the novel will be over very soon and you will have your copies with you for a stunning weekend read. Meanwhile, you can explore more about the author on his official website: http://authorprabhat.in/

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