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The focus of the news watchers and the nation will be on many key happenings today. Here is a list of the subjects going to be on the day’s agenda:

Gaya absconding MLA’s son: We will keep a constant watch on the progress of events in this case. This Gaya MLA son has shot a teenager on the Gaya road over a small issue of vehicle pass. Nitish is yet silent on the issue and no other leaders from the ruling party has yet come up with any explanation. At least, the MLA should resign!

The rebel Congress MLAs from Uttarakhand approach SC: After the HC has dismissed their plea, the rebel Congress MLAs have requested the Supreme Court of India for an urgent hearing on their plea. The SC has agreed and in the afternoon around 2-2.30, their plea will be heard by a bench of justice.

Maharana Pratap vs Akbar issue: The Rajasthan govt has demoted Akbar from the textbooks in the state and gave Maharana Pratap a high pedestal in the book. This move has rattled some intellectuals and they are baffled. We will keep a watch on the progress of after-effects in this issue as well.

Meeting of Senior cabinet ministers with PM Modi: We will keep a watch on this meeting. Something remarkable comes up and we will analyze the issue and will bring to you.

Nehru left out of the new textbook chapters: Rajasthan government has made a move to leave out Nehru of the new textbooks. Congress and other ‘independent’ intellectuals have shown their concern over it. After the noises, the Raje government in Rajasthan has presented two instances where Nehru’s name appear in the book. On page number 91 and on page number 177.

Modi attacks Sonia: In an implicit yet explicit attack, PM Modi, during a rally has spoken that everybody knows who has the relatives in Italy. In the wake of Agusta Scam, the politics in the country has gone chaotic. Congress is left cornered and BJP is riding the ‘lost & found’ scam wave.

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