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A fourteen-year-old asked her mother, “why can’t I move out as my younger brother does? Why do you worry for me and restrict my movement?” 
The mother was shocked at the question because 20 years back she did not have the courage to ask this to her mother. Finally, she replied, “because you are precious my love. You are our diamond that needs to be preserved. A treasure that needs to be safeguarded.” 

23 years later… present day, my daughter asks me the same question. Not at all surprised or shocked I gave her the same reply that my mother gave me years back. And then I am zapped by her reply “but I want to shine mum. What is the use of holding a diamond? Let the whole world know that you own a treasure.” 
I smile feebly at the reply.

My heart skips a beat when she says that she wants to shine. I am scared because I can’t give my daughter the clear sky that she aspires for. That secured atmosphere for flying fearlessly, in the blue heaven devoid of vultures who are ready to tear off as soon as they are in sight. Of course, I cite examples of P.V. Sindhu or Geeta Phogat but I myself feel weak to go through the same ordeals as their parents went through. I know I am at fault.

But what should I do as a concerned parent? My daughter is not safe even in educational institutions. Teachers, van drivers and workers all are the Satans of Paradise lost. Yes, we are the characters of Paradise Lost. As I read our scriptures, I see women skilled in the art of warfare. They maintain the agenda of their states. They are the controllers of law and order. That was the heavenly period of Humanity I feel. Women of those times have evolved into fighting for proving their victory in doing what men can do. There itself they lose their uniqueness. Their identity is in their attitude. Actually, they do what men can never do.

Triple Talaq, an issue which came to light all of a sudden and the women-will defeated and dusted this issue with a thundering victory! There are issues like halala which are still there to chide the women empowerment promises that we make every year! The emergence of Babas, gurus and sadhus who turn out to be Gurmeet Ram Rahims… these all are actually not the conveyors of the word of God. They are the ones who are scared of the progress of women.They are the ones who hamper their growth. These God men never can digest the pace of rising civilization. They keep binding us to the shackles.

I wonder where will this end. Is this the Kalyug mentioned in our scriptures??Is this the age where the earth ends with a Big Bang. Or do we need a Kshatriya clan to end the Satans of humanity with a spade?

by Nidhi Sharma

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