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Stone Pelter one: (Watching the jawan crossing nearby) Let’s abuse him, he will not say a word; his mouth has been sealed by the liberals of the nation who protect us. These liberals you know, they are our messiah! They will never let any bitter sun even touch our bodies, even from behind the clouds. They are liberals; they are the Indians who love Pakistan more than India, most of the times. Liberals live in Delhi, I have been told by the person who pays me for my part-time stone pelting job.  

Newly joined Stone Pelter: But who are these liberals? Who do they hate India so much? Why do they love the other mulk? What does liberal mean by the way? I don’t know. And yes, today I will only throw stones up to 11am. I have also to go to school for my scholarship.

Stone Pelter one: Liberals….. ummm… what should I say? I can only tell you what I read and listen from others. But, I can sense that they are good people. They support azadi of Kashmir. We will be free from wine, illegal things, danga-fasad and all. We want this azadi and they support us. Malik says that some of the liberals are in media. Some of them are into politics and some of them are reputed people like advocates, judges, doctors, engineers, IAS and professors. Han han, JNU is full of these liberals. They often shout azadi.

Newly joined Stone Pelter: What? But our school books say that azadi means independence. Azadi of Kashmir means we will be free from Indian state. And are you throwing stone for azadi? I have been told to do so because I will get some money that I will save for my admission in the college next year. Who will give me scholarship after we become azad?

Stone Pelter one: I don’t know anything! I have been told by Malik that azadi from all illegal things will be the result. And he also told me that liberals will make sure we will keep getting money from Indian government for our school, college etc. Government is a good thing, don’t you think? They are good people who care for us. 

Newly joined Stone Pelter: Then why are we throwing stones at the jawans? They are also doing their duty for the government?

Stone Pelter one: Are ham kya mange?

Newly joined Stone Pelter: Azadi!

Stone Pelter one: Chhin ke lenge

Newly joined Stone Pelter: Azadi!

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