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Times of India claims itself to be the leading voice of the nation. I never supported that claim. I did never buy the argument. Fortunately, the TOI has proved me right on many occasions. Unfortunately, today also, such a moment occurred. Early morning, I just took up the newspaper and was literally shocked to see the picture of Kate Middleton on the front page. If you are wondering why I got shocked to see the image of a beautiful lady, the princess of England, you must not have read the newspaper today. Times of India has once again sneaked into the privacy of a lady with its camera. You must remember the classic Deepika Padukone cleavage case. The question is – why does Times of India not understand that journalism is beyond the body as well?

Recently, one of our contributors, Kleio has very wonderfully presented an article on Sunny Leone. She has tried to let us know that there is much beyond our limits. Not only that, who can forget Arnab Goswami and his crusade against the absurd ban on women in temples and dargah. However, one thing that does not add up is how could the editors of TOI newspaper allow such a brazen thing to happen? One the one hand, we are taking on the people who are speaking ill of India and kicking them out of the posts like Brand Ambassador of Indian Tourism and on the other, we are ‘actually’ insulting the privacy of a member of the Royal British Family. Is Kate Middleton the Marilyn Monroe, and also at the India Gate, and that also next to the Amar Jawan Jyoti – the tribute to thousands of martyrs?

And my question is little wayward for the moment, but, was Marilyn Monroe not a woman? She was an actress and a popular actress. Why the newspapers like Times of India take her up as a benchmark of something obscene?

Dear Editor-in-Chief of TOI, you have erred, and also on a great level. The Duchess of Cambridge is not here on a fashion tour that you people are following her with your paparazzi intentions. She has come to India with her Husband, the Prince, Prince William. She is on an official tour, rather a diplomatic gesture it is. This is not really the following up of ‘Atithi devo bhava’ that we Indians stand up to.

See, today India is ‘abusing’ you because you people have abused the helplessness of a woman. You have done it with Deepika Padukone before and then also we have stood up against you. Some people are even saying that if you wish to read something, better read the cheap books that are sold at the railway stations. To which level you will fall, Times of India? Wake up; this is not the real time of India that you are reflecting. India is growing up; India has entered into the Shani Shingnapur temple; India will enter into the Haji Ali Dargah very soon; and if you continue this garbage, we will soon be entering a phase where there will be no more TOI on our breakfast tables.

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