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Adipurush, the much-awaited movie directed by some gully-muhalla (now revealed) director who must have directed many mini chhapadi-movies for Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, Om Raut, has once again proved that Bollywood is not densely talented enough to have the framework that could successfully adopt Hindu heritage. Peel any movie and you will find Hinduphobia, mockery of the Hindu faith, and disdain against things that have been the same for many thousand years. If you ask why, they will not answer. Bollywood and its cabal believe that audiences are for granted. They will just watch anything, any cringe, and any retarded content they produce. However, it is not the truth (anymore, fortunately). With the rise of social media, the only good thing that can be agreed upon is that people have the power to react, respond and even make an empire fall. And so has happened to the makers of Adipurush, a failed adaptation of the grand Indian historical tale Ramayana.


Adipurush movie mistakes Hindu religion Prabhas Manoj Muntasheer dialogues India Latest News Opinions


The largest share of the volcanic ire has come to Manoj Muntashir Shukla, the dialogue and lyrics writer of the movie. Manoj, who has accumulated wide fame and respect for his lyrics, poetry and YouTube videos in the past, could not justify the use of tapori language in the movie. In most of the videos circulating on the social media platforms, Manoj is seen reasoning hard (but in vain) with TV journalists and media anchors – trying to hide behind nani-dadi stories and kathawachaks – to prove himself right. However, whatever reason he offers fall flat in front of the simple fact – this guy messed up the grand epic Ramayana with his boorish, dry, soulless and outright insulting dialogues forcefully shoehorned into the darkened, slow, senseless storyline of the movie Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, who can be seen ridiculing Hindu gods and goddesses in his deleted tweets doing rounds on Twitter and other social platforms. The question, then, arises – why did these guys spend 700 crores to make such a soulless movie? Was it intended? Was it planned?

Another reason for the movie getting all the criticism and ire is its characterisation of Hindu God Sri Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman Ji and even the negative characters such as Indrajeet and Ravana himself. Indrajeet, born Meghanad, is shown with tattoos on his entire body. Ravana appears more like any Islamic invader from the ancient centuries. Even the characters who fought alongside Sri Rama, Sugreev, Angad, Jambvant and others appear more cartoonish rather than humane and animated. Hanuman Ji, perhaps deliberately made a character to be ridiculed by the director Om Raut and dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir, looks very artificial with no Godly grace. What did these guys do? Why did they do so? What was the need to mock the faith and patience of Hindus? Why does Bollywood not get its lesson right? Why don’t they ever care to do the research before making such ambitious movies? These are the questions that will rise and continue to haunt the entire film fraternity as well as the audiences whenever such a mockery of faith happens.

Adipurush, overall, is a boring, and amusing because of its senselessness and absurdity, a crass and concocted movie that does not honour the sources of its inspiration. Prabhas, who rose to fame after Bahubali, made a mistake by trusting the filmmakers of Adipurush. He has put all his credibility and honour at stake by playing the role of Sri Rama (called Raghava in this movie). And it is quite strange seeing the director Raut and lyricist Manoj Muntasheer coming to the news channels and almost lashing out at the audiences rather than sitting with their folding hands and asking for forgiveness for hurting the sentiments and faith of more than a billion Hindus.

Please note that I am not even mentioning the sexist display of Vibhishana’s wife, the concocted episode of Lakshman’s shaktibaan recovery, vanishing the entire Sushen Vaidya’s episode, fabricating the well-known sequences of Jatayu and Sita Haran, and much more. I am sure a movie can be made showing how these foolish people have made a mockery of the great epic Ramayana. Manoj Muntasheer and Om Raut ran to one channel after another saying they did not even alter a single detail of the original Ramayana before the release of the movie. And now, in a strange but expected move, these shapeshifting $%^&oles are going to every channel saying they did not make a movie on Ramayana. It is just inspired by the ancient historical tale but a modern take on it… hell with their excuses!


DON’T WATCH Adipurush! You will have your heart beating at its expected pace. If you watch it, you might start abusing this lyricist in ‘today’s common terms’ and he might get offended.


Ashish for India Latest News opinion platform


  1. Rightly said… I agree with many points raised here. They have truly made a mockery of our beliefs and faith in Adipurush. It is nothing on the lines of Ramayana.

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