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In a disturbing twist to the ever-changing scenario of things: one morning you wake up to find all the tabloids and newspaper dailies strewn by the pictures of a profusely bleeding horse being mercilessly battered by some man and the next morning, you find the tragedy to have climaxed to its near catastrophe with the news of the poor animal having succumbed to all his physical ailments. But can that be the end of the story? Truly, have we been robbed off our souls or have we willfully laid it down to the feet of the devil in an act of homage.

Police horse, Shaktiman, was a well-trained horse who after years of service fell victim to the savage bestiality of one vicious man who found it apt to batter the defenseless animal in a flagrant display of strength. The horse was brutally hit on its leg during the clashes between some BJP protesters and the police on March 14. It suffered multiple fractures on its hind leg. He was given a prosthetic leg ever since, and the poor animal had to endure several physical and medical conditions until his death.

Union Minister and Animal Rights Activist Maneka Gandhi demanded arrest of the person responsible for the death of Shaktiman and called for the retrieval of horses from police service who are liable to fall victims of the atrocities committed by cowardly men.

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