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Why the hell 2nd October is celebrated? Why do we need that day to be supposed as something worthy to be a national holiday? Okay; there was a person who fought on our side and helped the country become independent and that’s all. We respect him and that’s it; why at all we need to ‘force’ that respect on the nation? 

If someone utters these words, there will be millions who will cry foul and complain. “How dare you insult our nation’s father?” And I will ask them in turn – how dare you make someone else my father? I don’t care! And then they will say that I have gone crazy. 

It surprises me too much, just too much. Leaving the rhetorics aside, what does a minute before a money-wasting movie cost? Cannot we show the respect for our nation? Cannot we stand just to mark that we love our country? Is it asking too much? I was rather shocked when I saw people smiling and showing victory signs when the confused Supreme Court of our nation has ‘indicated’ a bizarre idea – review the judgement. Hail the democracy! 

NRIs who are like the migratory birds and come to India only during the occasions which are rarest among the rares often talk and discuss on what’s happening in our country. These people take pride in putting their arms on their chests and singing the national anthem of whatever country they live in but when they come to India they start suffocating because ‘we impose nationalism on them and ask them to wear it on their sleeves’. Hypocrisy on such a larger scale is surely amusing as well as dangerous at the same time. 

I am still stunned to just think that we are actually debating whether we should respect our national anthem or not and the Supreme Court (the so-supposed guardian of our democracy) is playing the jury! Where are we heading as a nation? We seriously need to ask this bigger question to ourselves every day we come across such absurd ideas and events. And being frank, the people who have a problem in standing less than a minute for the national anthem, I wonder whether they hire legs to stand in the queues for their tickets and pop-corns. 

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