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Shaheed to Propogandist? Bhagat Singh and Kanhaiya are no Match Mr. Tharoor!

Today’s fashion statement is out! Are you feeling dull? Go to JNU and it’d give a shine to your political, film, writing or any kind of profession you are into. A month ago, only students at JNU used to do ‘rajneeti’ but since Rahul Gandhi visited the premises of Jawahar Lal Nehru University, it has become the ‘akhara’ of politics. Jail – bail – speech – media – whoo! A hero is born! I am not against the trend; I don’t oppose anyone becoming an overnight hero; I have no problems with students of JNU sitting out in the lawns instead of the classroom. I don’t have any problem at all if our money is being invested in those who use scholarships in their election campaigns. However, the recent controversial statement by an ‘expert English speaker’ of Congress party, Shashi Tharoor, in which he equated Shaheed e Azam Bhagat Singh with Kanhaiya Kumar has compelled me to voice my opinion. Mr. Tharoor, maybe you have good pronunciation skills that you can pronounce kanhaiya as ‘kanaaia’ but it does not give you the liberty to play with the icons of the nation.

A person who has affection for everyone; who always works for the welfare of others; who is ready to fight against the evil of any kind, can you compare him with Gandhi? You had problems when people compared Anna to Bapu. How could you compare this seasoned student leader who has seen more than 28 springs of his life to a martyr who died with a smile on his face for the sake of our nation? Bhagat Singh did not even see the 24th year of life culminating and today, your dear student at JNU who ‘educate the country as well’ is already on the verge of his twenties. Who knew Kanhaiya, dear Tharoor, a month ago? Why did people come to know about him? We all knew him because he instigated a ‘nearly movement’ against our nation. He abused our army; he said ill about the Indian system; he eulogized Afzal Guru, and what not did he do? Bhagat Singh was a phenomenon that happens only once in a lifetime. He was a one-man army who jolted the entire British empire in India. Even after being backed by people like you with entire congress brigade, Yechuri, some media houses, ‘Kanaiya’ is unable to render the emotions in Indians the way he wants. If a common person talks about him, this talk is full of disgust! You are comparing this person with the leader of the masses! Utterly wrong, Mr. Tharoor!

Moreover, you have chosen a completely wrong timing for your algebra equation. The day after tomorrow is the martyrdom day of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh. You have flamed the hearts of people like me with anger and shock mixed together – the result is coming out in the form of words that will surely attack your brazen ‘farce’! What I call your statement is ‘absurdity at its best!’ I voice my opinion with the majority of Indians today who are demanding an apology from you.

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