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Vikas; Vikas; Vikas! Modi begins the election campaign rallies in Assam

Assam assembly elections are going to be very important. After the historical 2014 parliamentary elections, everything related to polls is directly or indirectly related to PM Narendra Modi. Be it the one-sided wins in Haryana and Jharkhand or the bigger losses in Delhi and Bihar, Modi factor was always implicitly or explicitly visible. Today, Modi has started the election campaign in Assam. Early morning, he addressed a rally at Tinsukia & Mauli, Assam.

Typically, as he always does in election rallies, PM reminded the audience of 60 years of ‘failed congress’ government’s tenure. Nevertheless, it is a fact, no doubt! We have come very far of 1947, our independence, and we are still seeing many places in India bereaved of electricity, pure water and basic amenities for a good life (not better). Modi also recalled when he asked people about the villages where even an electric pole did not reach, leave electricity aside. Yes, there are almost 18,000 villages where people don’t know how does the invention of Edison look like!

Praising the CM candidate of NDA, Sarbananda Sonowal, who is also the minister of Youth Affairs and Sports in the current central government, Modi said that there is only one Anand and he is Sarbananda!

Modi addressing Rally in Assam

Who can forget tea when PM is in Assam! He also recalled his tea-connection with Assam. Mocked by Sanjay Jha, a senior congress spokesperson, this tea-politics of the PM was backed by Giriraj Singh. Here are the reactions:




Talking about the agenda of government, PM told that he has a three-fold agenda for Assam:

“Pehla agenda hai vikas; dusra agenda hai tej gati se vikas; aur tisra agenda hai charon taraf vikas!”

Narendra Modi also said later in his rallies that he does not have to fight against congress. Assam has to fight against poverty, corruption and barriers on the way of development. He said, “Hame Assam ki bhalai ke liye ladna hai, kisiki burai ke liye nahi!”

As the election campaign has been started by the PM, we have to keep a watch on the moves of the major opponents there. In the recent election, we have already witnessed opponents ding a ‘gherabandi’ against the BJP. There are more to come, it is just the beginning…

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