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At 2.00 AM today, I jumped onto my bed after closing the lid of my laptop hoping a somewhat good sleep. However, I just browsed through youtube on my mobile to see if there are new alien or UFO videos by my subscribed channels. Luckily, I saw what I have missed yesterday evening. I could not tune in to Rajyasabha for the PM Modi’s address on the motion of thanks to the president, Pranab da. It was uploaded on Modi’s official youtube channel. Impressed by his previous address in the Loksabha, I could not resist myself. Once played, believe me, it was never stopped until it was over. What shocked me the most was the utterly shameful behaviour by the so-called ‘members of the upper house’ of the Congress party. Are you serious? Booing and trolling in Rajyasabha? And a shameless ‘show the back to truth’ attitude? Are we even serious? Nevertheless, as always, Narendra Modi was sharp, pin-pointed and unequivocally angry on the blatant remarks made by our kathputali economist Dr. Manmohan Singh. Last night must have been a nightmare for Dr. Manmohan Singh, the former failed prime minister of India who spent his reign understanding what the rights of the PM of India are…

I still remember those discussions which interrupted and resumed and interrupted and resumed again during the days of demonetization. What not did the members of Congress say for the PM? What not Manmohan said for the PM and his move? What not all those sham intellectuals, whose limited wits are shrouded by the intellectual slavery of a family, say about the demonetization move? Hitler, fascist, tyrant, killer… and just a raincoat was more than enough for all those! It’s a fair play rule in life – if you can speak, be ready to get it back from the other who listened! However, I think that the Congress Party has not yet learnt to listen; maybe this much-needed skill will come to them only after they are reduced to the latter half between 10-20 in the parliament…

This raincoat remark by PM Modi for Manmohan Singh seems to come with a drought for the Congress party. They have exposed themselves to the public. They have no guts at all to listen to the criticism, and also, valid criticism! Now, if they have the least of shame, they should not criticise others on the basis of some baseless arguments!

And what wrong did the PM say? Modi was perfectly right in calling out the bluff of Dr. Manmohan Singh. What’s the use of an economist prime minister if he can let scams happen under his nose? It is surely like entering the bathroom with a raincoat on the body if you are in the lobby for more than 35 years and did nothing for the nation’s growth as well as let all those scams happen. Any person with the minimum understanding of economics would have anticipated development and expected the same to be delivered by such a myriad-minded former PM (two times, consecutively) of the India who boasts a degree from the Cambridge University. He could not; and I don’t believe in the honesty, which, being on the top, let things happen down the chair! Manmohan Singh was a FAILURE for the nation!

Moreover, the fear in the hearts of Congress people was expected. They have all the courage to speak whatsoever comes in their biased minds but not the courtesy to listen to the address of the PM in the house. Bhai Modi ata kyun nahi? House me nahi bolenge kya? Jab bolenge to ap sun nahi payenge aur apna dara sa munh leke sharmnaak tarike se bhag jaenge pith dikhake! Sharm aani chahiye aap logon ko apne upar!

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