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A SOCH by the students of Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati Medical College & Hospital, Berhampur, Odisha has left me pleasantly surprised!

“Ek chhoti si soch hi hame insan bana sakti hai ya behtar insan banake dusron ko rah dikhane ki shakti de sakti hai!”

If I quote my mother, she was saying something like I have put above between the inverted commas. True, a thought has the power to change our lives into something good or render us into something bad. You must have read about the badness of people, their evil deeds, dreadful behaviour and so on… today, I will give you a reason to smile. I will unfold to you something very pleasant that will inspire you to be nice to people around you. This is the story of medical students of Batch 2011-16, MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Odisha. The have started an initiative around two years ago – SOCH, which is a Hindi word meaning ‘thought’ in English.

What is SOCH?

SOCH is an initiative by the students of 11-16 batch under which each student donates 20rs each month to a fund. The amount collected in this fund is used to help one poor family who comes for the treatment at Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati Medical College & Hospital. Moreover, under the same initiative, the students also collect their old or those clothes which they no longer use and donate those to the nearby orphanage.

In the beginning, the batch of 150 students collected 3000 Rs in a month. Very soon, in three months, the batches of senior and junior students also adopted the idea. Now, they are able to manage a good amount and help a family for the complete treatment. Yes, this is a small contribution to the society. However, ‘smalls’ have the capacity to form larger picture! The thought of a batch has inspired the entire medical students fraternity of the MKCG college to come ahead and help the poor.

Now, I find it very ironical that our mainstream media has all the time to cover the anti-national slogans being shouted at those ‘big named’ universities. Do they have time to see what the students of this less-known college are doing?

I think this example set by the 2011-15 batch of students will be a lesson for all those who are studying and yet willing to bring a change in the society. Yes, you can do good things while you are studying. Don’t wait for the time; move ahead and create the situations where you can feel that the time is running according to you!

A Source of inspiration

Upon learning about this great step by the students, I was very surprised as well as happy. Really, you don’t need to do Ph.D to understand how to help someone in need. You just need the ‘soch’ and you can start acting. Kudos to you people out there at MKCG! Keep doing this great job and I hope you will be a source of inspiration for anyone who wants a change in the country!

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