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I admire Messi; I admire him to such an extent that you might seldom find a difference between my admiration and someone’s adoration. Nevertheless, I don’t hate Rolando! I admire him too; though I know that he is a giant on a different level and he cannot match the greatness that Messi possesses. Still, I like him; I like the way he plays and the way he scores (he seldom does anything else than scoring). What can be better for a Messi fan than the current phase which is passing by – Messi is on the sublime and Ronaldo hardly finds the back of the net. People are, moreover, counting Ronaldo off already and this is what I think is not good. Ronaldo is a great player and this period in his life, maybe harder and tough, will surely pass. He is a machine who scores goal and he will be back – you cannot be so happy seeing a concurrent great player struggling like this!

Loving a player is something we all understand but hating someone does not sound logical. Players are players and each one has different and unique strength and capability. We can associate with someone and we can find someone entirely wayward according to our perception; should we hate that player? And I am talking about no other than Ronaldo! You cannot hate him so much and rub him off because he is not in the form of his life. He will bounce back – sooner or later!  

People who love football will understand what I am talking. We are witnessing two almost Gods kicking the football on the ground and seldom an era will be like this again. We should enjoy the game of football rather than indulge ourselves in petty bullying and sledging. Messi is something who is surely above the all I have seen playing or I have heard about (the legends and great ones). Looking at him move with the ball in his full flow is something which can give you the moments of excitement and ecstasy! His passes and his playmaking ability is something you will NEVER find in a player who is on the field right now or maybe who left the field years or ages ago – Messi has no competition at all! However, let’s hope that Ronaldo comes back to his best so that we can see how much a fight he can put against the Universe’s best player!

Messi and Co. have rather an easy clash the next matchday of the UEFA League whereas Ronaldo and his team will face the Hurricane – Kane’s return has further fused the tie into another level and we will surely have a match of the lifetime!

Let’s love them both – Messi and Ronaldo – for the sake of the game we love – Football!  

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