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Where can you watch the El Clasico match today evening in India? 
Tune in to Sony Ten2 HD or just SD channel and you can watch the stars unfold on the football ground after 5.30 PM. 

Can anything be more divisive than this? The biggest sports rivalry in the world is here and we have two of the best athletes in the world confronting each other on a football ground once again. Messi and Ronaldo will be facing each other as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are once again ready for the battle El-Clasico in Madrid’s home today. After 5 hours from now, the biggest of the football clubs in the world will be scripting history for once more as every kick on the ball in this game leads the footballing world towards witnessing newer records made and older records demolished. Who will be the victor today? Who will stand tall once more? Messi or Ronaldo? Iniesta or Modrich? Pique or Ramos? 

El-Clasico will commence for the last time in the year 2017 and we will have our chances to cheer and boo the teams we support and want to be winning. The world (or at least all the footballing nations) is divided into two clear sections today. Messi and Ronaldo are the two ends of this ever-increasing battle for supremacy in the football world. This is the game, when they are facing each other, gives them the biggest of the stage to prove their worth in the world’s biggest sports spectacle and more than that, it gives the football lovers an hour and half of the world’s biggest sporting entertainment. The world might have their eyes on different people today but that select-few also have their eyes on the football field. 

India is ready for the El Clasico battle as well. Players and the lovers of football will be having their eyes on the TV sets because a minute missed might well be the world missed for them! Are you also ready for the biggest sports event today? Let’s cheer; let’s boo; let’s love the game! 

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