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The West Indies cricket team did not only win the T20 world cup 2016 but also won the hearts of millions of cricket lovers. The performance of the WI team was on the height since their first game. However, they lost to the underdogs Afghanistan. I will go ahead and say that this loss was necessary; spare some moments of celebration in Afghanistan camp as well. The gesture from Chris Gayle after the match was quite filled with the game spirit as well as a message that teams are nothing, the game, and the game spirit is all that matter.

Most of you will agree with me when I say that the resurrection of the Caribbean cricket has begun once again. Despite the poor financial conditions of the Windies cricket board and feuds among the cricketers and the board members, this team has come with a motive – the motive to win the game and also the win the hearts of the audience. Who does not like that Gangnam Style moves of Chris Gayle and other team members of him? Like the little master has told, the board must show some concerns about the needs of the players. This ‘troop’ has come amid numerous mental rise and fall and emerged out of nowhere as a competent rival and they finally won the game… If I define that, it’s more like a heroic poem where the lead character defies all other forces and appears as the victor at the end.

Another lesson that this West Indies cricket team has taught to others is a level of team spirit. Gayle is a star batsman who can make the bowlers sweat, but they did not win the cup only because of Gayle. They all worked hard – one after another. Nobody knew more about this wonderboy of the moment Carlos Brathwaite before the final over of the final of the world cup t20. The history will remember him now, forever!

Congratulations to the team of the world cup winners! Keep playing like this and raise the spirit of the audience in getting involved in the game of cricket.

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