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ILN has downgraded from a shared hosting with wordpress platform to the free hosting with a custom domain on blogger. We have made this move because of many reasons. The first being the limitations on the server that web hosting providers put were not helping us in putting forth our ideas freely. We could not upload images; we could not execute the scripts in our plugins; and also, the site was working terribly slow. The ILN Team wants more and more space as well as fast processing of the requests because we want to write more and more. We hope that this transition will help us reaching our goals.
The lesson that we have learnt is sometimes the paid services are not well enough! You need to rely on free services which have established names in the respective fields. And blogger, as we all know, is time-tested and prime!

We will keep sharing our opinions whenever we feel like doing so. Please keep reading our shares and also keep sharing those to help us reaching the maximum numbers. 

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