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Exeunt: Rajdeep Sardesai
Action: Abuses twitter users via direct messages
Reaction: When exposed, plays the victim card of a ‘hacked account’ and passing the buck to the twitter trolls, he QUITS twitter and deactivates his ‘hacked’ account.

Readers, do you get it? Someone hacks the twitter profile of Rajdeep, abuses the ‘selective’ users who questioned him on Agusta issue and then hands the handle back to Rajdeep to show his babyface and deactivate the account. What a narrative it seems! As we know in some clumsy Hollywood movies, when something bizarre happens on the screen, something must be being cooked in the backyard. We get to know the things once the movie ends – some hints are Predestination and James McAvoy starring Wanted (2008). Very much like these movies, Rajdeep Sardesai’s episode is bizarre and we need to crack it.

It’s not new and not that hard to believe that Rajdeep can freely abuse people. After all, he has even done it in the public as well. Do you remember the Modi USA tour episode when he called a person A@@@@le in public? This time, this journalist who is being linked to the Agusta scams, used the twitter direct messaging to calm his head by abusing his followers in privacy. He was blunt; he was abusive; he was rattled. ‘Will your mother entertain us?’ ‘Teri MAA ki boo aa rahi hai.’ ‘Ask your mother.’ These are some examples of his messages that were sent to the twitter users via DM.

The excuse that he and his wife Sagarika presented were utterly rubbish. Someone hacked the account; and do you think people will buy that line anymore? Rajdeep, unfortunately, you are not even a politician who can always have the chance to shield themselves by saying that the lines were distorted. The lines you used were straightforward and abusive. You cannot turn your back to the reality. And by the way, please don’t ever dare again to question Indians on intolerance. If you cannot take trolls, you don’t have the moral right to say that India has become intolerant. Look inside you first!

The question is, why did he loose his cool? You always take a dig at Modi by dragging him back to 2002. Did he ever abuse you? Likewise, people are asking questions to you about a scam that might be ‘possibly’ linked to you. You can let them ask and continue your work if you have nothing to do with the AgustaWestland. Being rattled and losing cool only aid to the ‘rumours’ that this is going to be even bigger a scam than the notorious Radia Tapes.

Dear readers, now you will not see any Rajdeep Sardesai on twitter. He has left the microblogging site and left so many questions for us to seek answers. Will he come back?

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