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Happy Holi India

Holika dehan will happen at many places in India today. Yesterday also it took place at some of the places in our country. Have we burnt the holika which is inside us? The devil which is constantly rendering us into selfish criminals who are ready to devour the Prahlada – our broad goals, escapes somehow during each Holi festival. How long shall it continue? I say burn the insider holika this time. Don’t let it escape anymore.

Who is Holika?
The one that burnt with her devilish ego in the fire was a devil, the one that is inside you is a ‘smart personality’ that teaches you to discriminate among people. It teaches you the class difference, communal difference, border-difference and what not…

Muslims don’t celebrate Holi, it will try to persuade you at any cost. However, the place where I am sitting and writing these lines is in front of a chair on which a Muslim boy is sitting with gulal on his forehead. Do I really need to ask his religion before putting the colour of joy on him? I think no. But the holika inside us will say ‘yes, yes, please ask it’.

The current debate in the country whether Muslims will chant Bharat Mata ki Jai or not is baseless, I think. Mr Owaisi does not know what the common Muslims of India think. Standing on the stage and delivering a hate speech to the gathering of hardcore Muslim extremists does not make you the messiah of entire Muslim fraternity, Mr Owaisi. They are Indians and they love India! They will celebrate Holi with us and we will celebrate id with them. You cannot stop us. We will burn the holika of ego and difference amid human beings very soon.

Come, let us celebrate this holi with peace and joy and mutual harmony. A small group of our elected representatives cannot divide more than a billion wishes!

Happy Holi India!

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