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90s Grown-up Kid? You’ll remember these memories

Being honest, some moments of nostalgia have taken me a while before. Where have we come? Everything is so fast – we have rapid metro links, super fast planes, bullet trains, 4G network and a very fast life, to culminate all the speed at one place. Are we missing something? To my mind, if I believe, a sense of innocence is missing! Let’s come to the business of this occasion. Are we making the love of the 20s a different love than the 90s?

(As google has become a major part of our life today, I will just present a simple analogy. In 90s, there were no search engines and smartphones. There were no worries about love status on WhatsApp like today! Type love on google and it will define it for you! Here are some most searched items related to ‘love’ of this google age:
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Haven’t we shrunk love to show off? Just a question…)

I remember the high school days of my life (honestly, who can forget that?). I was literally a kid of 14, nearly 5’3″ and my seniors treated me like that – a kidoo. Most of the students were in my category. A high school in a semi-urban area, and that also around 2005-06, you can easily imagine the mindset of children there. Boys will sit this side; girls will sit that side. Boys were hesitant to talk to the girls and so were them. Two parallel sides of the river, flowing together, seeing each other, but never getting close to each other. Yes, there were some love stories running in the deep background of an unseen foreground. Those love stories used to start with a letter written in hasty handwriting and a ‘dant fatkar’ by the brother of the recipient of that letter. I remember seeing one case like that – Murari, who used to be a bossy figure until class nine, wrote a ‘love letter’ to one girl whose name I don’t remember. His case was unusual because the girl herself took the stead and gave him a good ‘wordful’.

Today, what is see is completely different! Fast-track love stories – the same you might see in typical Bollywood movies. See, pick, date, make love, if it fits you, take it over a some months or a year, and then break-up. ‘Ain’t no worries’ like Lil Wayne and you will see the couple splitting apart like they never were in a relationship. Yes, they will love denoting each other like ‘Ex’. “I don’t know why ‘exes’ do much like these to get your attention?” The recent case of Kangna and Hrithik…

In those days of Kumar Sanu, people used to write ‘khat mehboob ke naam’ and these days, boys use to come ‘Delhi wali girlfriend chhod chhad ke’. Oh LOVE!

Making fun in love is alright, but making fun of love is something that I don’t say ‘good’. Yes, I am an old school who believe in strong relationships where people care for each other’s feeling. I am not denying that true love exists today as well, but for most of us out there, it has become much like the classic Leonard Cohen case:

“You kiss my lips, and then it’s done:
I’m back on Boogie Street.”

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