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Education comes to rescue…

Education and Culture plays an important role in the development of any nation. It represents a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices. A country as diverse as India is symbolized by the plurality of its culture. Culture and creativity manifest themselves in almost all economic, social and other activities. Education transforms a human being into a wholesome whole, a noble soul and an asset to the universe. Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his/her self-respect & promotes universal brotherhood.

We all know the importance of sunlight for a plant but do we know the importance of education for a nation? Plants need sunlight for making its food and the food provides energy for various metabolic activities in plants, similarly education is necessary for a nation, it provide the skilled human resource, provide ethical understanding of society and power to transform it to better, provide leadership qualities, provide global understanding of world and universe and provide ability to make a responsible decision i.e. education provide a better raw material(human resource) for the development of nation.

Education is not just academic studies; it is the discovery of new things, being conscious, Social & emotional learning. It Increase self-awareness, social-awareness, Improve self-management, Improve relationship skills, and Nurture responsible decision making. A step forward towards a better education is quality education.

Quality education is Meaningful education i.e. education with purpose, with application and with ethical values. Education has no value without its application.

Education= knowledge + application

 The content which provides knowledge has meaning only when it is used to understand society and environment & used to change it for better. A student education is only successful when he applies his knowledge to change/enhance the quality of his life, his peer’s life and all other around him. The application of his knowledge truly justifies his quality of education he received. Application of knowledge highlights the innovations in an individual.

Idea of education is to bring out the creativity of the individual. It gives courage to think different, courage to invent, courage to travel on an unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible, courage to combat the problems & succeed. This needs the combination of knowledge with application.

Goal of education should be to create an enlightened society having components like education with value system, religion transforming into spiritual force & economic development. Education system must concentrate on developing five types of minds in an individual, namely disciplined mind, synthesizing mind, creative mind, respecting mind and ethical mind.

Disciplined Mind: The practice of training people to obey rules (rules of nature or rules of institution) and the controlled behaviour or situation that results from this training, It’s a method of training mind/body and controlling behaviour or the way of live, work, etc.

Synthesizing Mind: The ability to produce something valuable from somethings by following different process/methods

Creative Mind:     The ability to create new, to innovate, finds solutions of problem by innovative way, fill gaps in the system by creative ways

Respecting Mind: Respect for other humans, respect for other living species, respect for environment, respect for all religions, respect for judiciaries, respect for different races and sects

Ethical Mind:       Ability to justify between wrong and right with consideration to institution or society and take responsible decisions. It reflects moral consciousness and social ethics

First 3 deals with individual & last 2 deal with the relationship of the individual to a group or society.  In other words the education system must focus on creating all the five types of mind in students.

Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. Only education can teach the world that freedom is living together. Education teaches that all things in nature are interconnected; they all are dependent on each other, they may be different but they all are one. Education brings the idea of unity in us.

In democracy like India, patriotism for a common man is to identify his/her role in the democratic system and play their role in better functioning of the system. Education is the tool which can help individuals to understand their role in democracy and also helps them in playing their role more efficiently and more passionately. Education helps in making a strong and happy family; Family is the unit entity of society i.e. helps in making a strong society. Only a strong and happy family can lead to the birth of a noble nation.

A nation has to have ethics in all its tasks for sustained economic prosperity and peace.

If a nation is to have ethics, society has to promote ethics and value systems.

If a society is to have ethics and value systems, families should adhere to ethics and value systems.

If families have to evolve with ethics and value systems, parenthood should have inbuilt ethics.

Parental ethics come from great learning, value based education and creation of clean environment that leads to righteousness in the heart.

−The family and the nation: ACHARYA MAHAPRAGYA & A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM

Education is very important tool for social economic mobility and for building equitable society. Education helps in evolving a person into a better person, education helps in countering the superstitious things, education makes an individual self-sufficient, and education helps in providing Stable & balanced life.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world   – Nelson Mandela

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