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In any democracy the pluralism plays an important role which, I think, is a must. The exact definition of democracy lies in a proverb contributed by one of the great thinker of his time- the government of people by people for people, which would be continue to be appropriate until democracy exists in this materialistic world.

Democracy is an infutile combination of societies. For existence of any society the pluralism is as important as its members either human-beings or animals who form a society. For forming a healthy democracy there is need of civilized societies. But question is how a civilized society can be formed? Answer is, by combining civilized people but again I beg to ask who this civilized people are. In this socieo-economic world there is dearth of civilized people who can actually realize societal value without any pros and cons. People who can really understand societal values and put them into practice, decreases day by day. The main reason of decreasing them is today’s competitive socieo-economic culture wherein everyone wants to be ahead without thinking of proper means of achieving success.

In fact we will not be socially developed until social equality comes. Equality in the sense, once I heard, in England there are similar houses for everyone either poor or rich. Once there are similar houses for everyone in a society, there won’t be any competition for luxury palace. If there is no such competition obviously there would not be any erroneous means to achieve it.

Having said that democracy is established for creating equality amongst people but in today’s scenario people use democracy for wrong proposes. It is prevalent all around. The leader who is elected through democratic process would be a goon of that locality. For his fear people used to get influenced which is the most critical drawback of any democracy. Once like this people got selected on account of gun they forget the democratic way to resolve any issue. They make or impose rule or policy which enriches only them and their co-workers or relatives empire let alone common or poor people. It seems protectors itself became predators.

For establishing democracy in India, what Gandhi, Nehru and Mualana Azad did became out of consideration today. Gandhi’s thoughts- secularism, non-violence, truth which seems enshrined in only curriculum of schools and colleges. Beneath his portrait with his thought lines, that hanged in almost all offices or organizations, so many doubtful things happens but who want to feel what he dreamt.

People are losing their interest in system where saying ‘if you want to change the system, system will change you’ is prevalent. Here everyone exploit others rather than empathize them. Whoever is stronger dominates the weaker. How can we say it is civilized society?

We are in a need of laws, policies or leaderships that could bring equality in the society. Until equality comes there will be dearth of people who can actually understand human values. Without understanding the human values there won’t be any pluralism. And without pluralism there won’t be a healthy society. Then how a sound democracy could exist!

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