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So, in no time, a new subject has emerged on the scene. I am very happy to know that the young students from Bihar who have topped the list of scorers in the intermediate examination have started to discover new subjects already. This is how the education system MUST work. Prodical Science is a subject that deals with ‘cooking & food’. Mark my words.

I wonder how the body will function if you break the spine. One of my college professors, Dr. R. K. Paramhansa, often told us his perspectives on the politicians’ motive behind keeping the education at low. He used to quote lines of Bacon:

“Crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them; for they teach not their own use;”

And today I remember my teacher and Bacon. The corruption prevails from the bottom to the top in Bihar education system. The students who don’t ever know what are the names of the subjects they have studied easily make it to the list of the toppers. Yes, you can only bite your nails in surprise and disgust but this is the bitter reality.

I remember one of the speeches made by the current Bihar deputy CM Mr. Tejasvi Yadav during the assembly elections campaign where he said that he will open more schools, colleges, and universities in Bihar. Then also I condemned his scanty view (quantity vs quality) and now also I question him. What is the use of many schools which cannot tell the topper of Science that which is the most reactive element in the periodic table? What’s the use of many universities if the administration cannot ensure that examinations take place on time?

Just look at the result of class 10, BSEB, for the year 2016. You will see that only 10% students were able to secure first class. The most surprising factor that attracts my concerns is that the students I knew and were SURELY meritorious could not make it! Is there any politics involved even in education? One should surely extend this question to the consecutively elected CM of Bihar Nitish Kumar.

This is the time that Bihar School Examination Board and the sleeping administration in Bihar should wake up and take some serious actions. If such are the situations also in the coming years, no surprises that Bihar will be heading back to the age when people will need to rediscover fire!

By the way, I am eagerly waiting for the first book to be written on Prodical Science!

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