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I was in no mood to further cut short the life of my keyboard. The events, however, were in such a flash that I could not keep myself away from stepping into the lot. I can see all at once a number of historians walking around in our country; ironically, only a few days ago, they were all well-accomplished economists denouncing the demonetization move by Narendra Modi. Have you ever seen such a great shift in profession? Never should I miss to add, have you seen, once again, such a great shift in ‘intellectual’ profession? And tomorrow, if there arises an issue with Indo-Pak borders, I am sure all the newly made Historians will claim themselves to be geographers of well repute and will not further hesitate in rubbishing off all the claims by India. (No doubt, some of them might further extend their hearts’ and give even Delhi to them, after all, Indian liberals are the best liberals in the world!) Well, today, it’s not about sarcasm. Today it’s the question of a very poisonous phrase in our country – freedom of expression. Recently, a Rajpoot group has attacked the film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali (forgive my mistakes if I make any in naming him) and also made it physical by slapping him once. The director is making a movie about the life of Rani Padmini. And in the movie, he has included an extrapolated scene in which the tyrant Alauddin Khilji dreams about Padmini. However, this is the dream which is in the roots of this controversy surrounding Sanjay Bhansali. In the dream sequence, Ranveer Singh (the actor for whom having sex is a work and he ‘should take it home’) enacting Khilji, makes love with Rani Padmini. (And I don’t need to tell you what sort of love they make in Bollywood movies which somehow never miss a chance of adding hot love scenes even in the historic movies. Did you see some in Ben’s Argo?)

Now, coming to the facts, you must remember a song (or poem) that most of us must have heard in our childhood – आओ बच्चों तुम्हें दिखाएँ झांकी हिंदुस्तान की:

ये है अपना राजपुताना, नाज इसे तलवारों पे
इसने सारा जीवन कटा बरछी, तीर, कमानों पे
ये प्रताप का वतन पला है आज़ादी के नारों से
कूद पड़ी थी यहाँ हजारों पद्मिनियाँ अंगारों पे
बोल रही है कण कण से कुर्बानी राजस्थान की
इस मिटटी से तिलक करो ये धरती है बलिदान की…

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम

The rajpootanas of Rajasthan has an ages-old history which the modern fake historians cannot even think to fathom. The legend of Rani Padmini is not something to be ridiculed and be frowned upon.

For those who have been crying for two days about Hindu terrorism and all, sirs, we have seen what your wildest dreams would dread to witness. India has been nourished by the sacrifices that a Bollywood lobby won’t ever understand, a lobby for which only making money at any cost is the ‘modus operandi’. We should not be surprised Indian movies can never make it to the Oscars! Rani Padmini is a pride for the nation and life-pride for the Rajpoots of Rajasthan. Make a move – show her in the real colours of valour and historical self-sacrifice. Nevertheless, that won’t earn you a badge of controversy and won’t encourage a section of people to watch the movie unless you insert, somehow, a jargon which would fetch the much-needed controversy. And Bhansali, you did it quite well! The Rajpoot group of Rajasthan has written to this director in the month of September 2016 but his highness did not think it necessary to even clarify to them. Had Bhansali clarified, it’d never make to this height of unpaid publicity. Leaving it here, we will move to anatomise the hypocrite Bollywood now.

Tweeting even after a sneeze from Donald Trump and showing (or sowing) solidarity with the Americans who reject Trump as their president, bashing Modi at every possible instance and speaking for the freedom of art, Sonam Kapoor, another dynast in the Bollywood industry, did not even care to write some 120 letters to stand with the prodigy Zaira Wasim, the Dangal actress when she received death threats from some ‘intolerant Islamist radicals’. Why Sonam? You saw a slap on the face of Bhansali so close to your heart that you even wondered in which ‘state of the world’ you are. However, when someone, a girl, from your ‘own state’ was being harassed and slandered by some ‘MUSLIMS’ just because she acted in a movie, which you say is an art, you were DUMB! Are you a misogynist? Are you a mole of some kind sitting in the Bollywood and denouncing our country? Whatever you are – you are just the hypocrite number one!

About this drunkard and drug-driven director Anurag Kashyap, I will say nothing! He is just an apologist for the terrorists and that’s all. Just see him, and you will feel what a filth he is! And other so-called champions are just the pimps who are serving someone ‘else’ and we all know who this ‘they’ are.

Freedom of expression and freedom of art are good things. I don’t support what people did on the sets of the movie Rani Padmini. However, just imagine this scenario:
A person – your mother is a prostitute.
Another person – please don’t abuse my mother.
First person – Who the hell you are? I am a movie director and I have freedom of art. I can abuse your mother in my movie.
Another person – Give me a reason why do you say so?
First person – I don’t care; I am a movie director, just a rank below your God.
Another person – Bam! Slap!
First person – FOE FOE FOE Intolerance Hindu Terror blah blah!

An advice – it was just a slap, any person of integrity would have done so much!

Bollywood has already done enough distortion of history already. Freedom of art does not allow them to make a movie on Mohammed and give it some twists – they fear their extremism. The day Bollywood comes with a movie on Paigambar, I will say they have something called SPINE.

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