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How many of you read Gita daily? Okay, leave the daily schedule aside, how many of you have ever read Gita? Well, leaving aside even reading the holy book, how many of you care what is written in the Gita? I am sure the answer will be close to nought if the question were intended at youth of the day. Rarely, I emphasise, rarely the youth of the day care about the religious scriptures because they think it’s just about another ‘dumpling the orthodox’ fashion and they should not read the age-old traditional works which only bind them to certain circumstances. Well, let me tell you all who believe that there is nothing in Gita which can be seen with a connection to the modern days, you are mistaken. Just guidance and a little support by the books which interpret the Gita for you will do the work.

The book 19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita has come out previous year by Haribakth, the author. While understanding and decoding the interpretations of the Gita directly through the book itself might be a tough task for those who are not very well-versed in philosophy and spiritual and mythological context, the book by Haribakth can be very helpful. This book has a very distinct feature – the tables, the direct way of communication, the modern analogies and also the illustrations by the co-author Vaishnavi. People who wish to know about the Gita can also read other books, no doubt. However, the 19th Akshauhini will be their basic guide, I am sure about that.

Connecting the younger generation of India with what we call our heritage is the need of the hour. We are witnessing multitude of crimes and also self-harming tendencies among the youths. What is at the core of all these inclinations? Our great culture and glorious past, how much the shallow modernism might deny it, had the solution to each of these problems. Knowing life; knowing the Karma; knowing Yoga; knowing the moral duties; knowing about the devotion and so many things that Gita has to offer to us will surely be helpful in fighting the baseless stress of this mundane life. We do need respite at times, a break-free from the earthly compulsions in the world. Spirituality can do that for us. However, in the name of spirituality too, there are many money-making businesses growing at a rapid pace. They only sell the vague spirituality which can never be useful for us.

Ancient books like Gita, Ramacharitmanasa, Ramayana and also the literature of Vivekananda are some of the books that we do need to have with us. Especially, the Gita will surely be helpful there is no doubt about that. Once again, I will say to you if you are interested in knowing about life and death, Karma and duties, devotion and vagabond wandering, you must read Gita. Yes, as a helpbook, you will be needing a guide which can decode the world of Gita to you. 19th Akshauhini by Haribakth will do that job for you. Happy reading!

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