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While most of the film critics and so-called cinema watchers have downrated the movie Rocky Handsome, the Bollywood Hunk John Abraham starrer action film, I have a different view to offer you. A writer at Indian Express writes that why are we watching this John Abraham film. Well, whosoever you are, why did you watch that film? Once you have watched, why are you denying others the watch? Rocky Handsome is for the tough guys, dear friends. If you love action movies (which we rarely see in Bollywood these days), then you MUST watch this movie. I have loved all the action scenes in the movie and first time felt like ‘something is really happening’ in any action movie constructed on the bolly platform.

Kabir Ahlawat or Rocky Handsome is a former undercover agent of RAW who has lost his wife Rukshida (acted by Shruti Hassan). We have, in the very beginning, a flashback that describes the plot that John Abraham has lost his wife. We get introduced to the girl, Naomi, who is the actual co-star of the movie, and she does best (unlike what the critic at IE said). Her acting will connect with your feelings.

Leaving things aside, the film is about the drug mafia going around in the state of Goa. We have two major gangs who deal in drugs and also body parts smuggling. We come to know about an aunt who manages the child trafficking syndicate. (better watch the movie and you will understand) What I want to suggest you is that the action in this Bollywood film is very much moving. John Abraham, as we all know, is a macho man. He has done his best in Rocky Handsome to keep the audience intact with his action, stunts and of course, body.

What I did not like:
Some scenes that almost looked gross; however, demand of an action movie!
What I liked:
The action of this action packed movie, of course!

Verdict: You can give it one shot!

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