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The El Nino Phenomenon, which had been causing trouble for the past couple of years seems to be on the decline, if scientists are to be believed. The phenomenon ought to be stabilized by May, propelling monsoon showers this year. This unusual condition, which is linked to the warming up of surface waters in the Pacific had been creating sufficient disruption affecting global weather conditions, even though occurring from miles away. Since no two El Ninos and their occurrences are mistaken to be the same; while at one time it aggravates wet, another time it boosts dry climatic conditions. El Nino has influenced weather patterns in several countries like Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, the U.S. South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Australia, including India. While some countries like South-east Asia exhibited drought-like conditions leading to food and water shortages, some others like the U.S. witnessed mammoth tornadoes, Australia saw relatively higher wildfire occurrences in the Victoria region, whereas India dealt with its woeful share of the Chennai floods.

India, which is heavily dependent on agriculture and thus, tropical rains, this year saw drought-like conditions in many areas affecting rice, wheat and other food grains, subsequently leading to farmer suicides and inflated food prices. At this juncture, the weakening of the El Nino and its closure will come as a welcome intelligence to its inhabitants.

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