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Jestus, don’t confuse it with Jesus, is an ‘impossible professor’ as the author claims it. V. S. Sury, the veteran author of an amusing trilogy, the Jestus series, gives you the excessive feats of laughter once you read his latest book – Jestus on Rampage. I have enjoyed reading his book so much so that I couldn’t resist talking to him about this great piece of literature. While talking to him, V S Sury reveals many of his secrets behind writing this book and why Jestus is the way he is!

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Jestus on Rampage, if I can say, is a record of the adventures of Jestus who believes in everything an ordinary mind can’t even perceive. However, his worldly humour is so active that he keeps all around him very happy and animated. If you are a reader of modern fiction, this book is surely for you because you just cannot miss it! Nevertheless, let me also hint you that the book has too much, mark me, too much to offer to those who crave for ‘literary reading’ of texts. For example, I would like to quote from the book, chapter Panchakarma, pp. 169:

“Jestus laughed without being offensive, ‘friend, fret not, fear not. Your thinking is quite mixed up. It is quite natural for a man standing on the threshold of a new horizon. ….. “

And further in this long conversation, there occur too many instances of the knowledge of this erudite Jestus who has very surprisingly come out of a laptop screen to see this human world. Is he a human? Or he is something else from a different world?

Jestus on Rampage V S Sury book

V S Sury has given new dimensions even to the act of physical intimacy. He has successfully subsumed laughter into the act of sex with the concept of fento-sex and nano-sex. You can hardly escape your passage from the streets of laughter once you start reading the chapter ‘Cupid sucks a lemon’.

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To conclude it all, for the regular readers of fiction and also for the first, second, third or fourth timers, Jestus on Rampage is a must read book. You can grab your copies from online stores like Amazon. Don’t delay and get the dose of amusement from our ‘impossible professor’ Mr. Jestus (and oh, he has a number of names!).

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