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The dilemma over alcohol ban in Bihar has almost become perennial! People are taking a curious interest in banning the alcohol completely in the state and government also seems in the mood of showing zero tolerance policy against those who consume liquor. However, either the administration or the official forensic lab in Bihar has gone alcoholic when the forensic results of those seven businessmen were clean who have been detained by the police on the allegations of consuming liquor near Hotel Panas in Patna. How can it be possible that someone is caught on the basis that he consumed alcohol and the forensic report declares ‘no alcohol’ in his blood? There are tough questions that the administration has to answer!

In an absolute nonsense way, some ‘fatwa’ like legislations have been loaded on the citizens in Bihar over this over-hyped alcohol issue. If someone consumes alcohol in a family, the entire family will have to pay the levy; and there are also laws that compel the entire mohalla to pay the levy. We ask – are we still living in the British period? The present CM of Bihar who has post-graduated in the causes of free speech and liberty to do things in the free state of India, will he answer why cannot someone consume alcohol? Will he answer why the same alcohol is distributed free of cost to the poor people during the state elections? Will he answer why some of his netas are caught with alcohols in their houses and left free on the bail? Will he answer why this alcohol law has almost set itself on a way to become the next 498(A) in the state of Bihar? Mr. Nitish, power to legislate is good; however, power to legislate with absolute blindness and personal propaganda is absurd, and unfortunately for Bihar, you are becoming absurd!

It has become so easy for the people with an insidious mindset to frame their enemies (in whatsoever way) on the allegations of liquor consumption in the state. Be aware people, not only who are alcoholic, but all those who don’t like alcohol! Who knows you are the next ‘target’.

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