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It was not an exceptional case only until I got passed some of the pages of The Allegorical Expedition, a novel written by P Satyadeep. He is a debutant and the choice of his theme rather surprised me at first instance; you can go ahead and try and I do hope that surprise will be equally impressive for you too!

In a quick-flash way, if I tell you, the novel is about a successful movie director who wishes to explore such a theme which is genuine and at the same time, untouched, different than the rush. To pursue the same desire of him, and also being frustrated by the anticipations, expectations and boredom in the day-to-day life, SJ, the protagonist, sets out for an expedition to the places far and remote. He finds so many people and reaches so many places; he interacts with different kinds of personalities; he explores the regions unknown; he finds solace in studying and revisiting the mythological texts and thus, he reaches the theme for his movie that he was seeking so earnestly. Moreover, he does not only get the plot and theme of a movie, he also understands the realities of life in the same course! And this is the novel that you would like so much to read once you start with it.

Where is the Allegory? Anyone who sees the title of the book might ask this question the very next moment. The allegory in the novel The Allegorical Expedition is quite evident in the pages. Have a look at the chapter titles and read the ones you like – you will easily find two layers of the text throughout… indeed, such a kind of textual maturity from the first time novelist was a pleasant surprise to me. I have really appreciated the theme selection of P Satyadeep who has decided to something different than what the usual novelists in India are doing. I would like to draw the attention of my readers towards a work by Larry Woiwode – Beyond the Bedroom Walls. I hope you can easily understand what I mean by this allusion – and if not, let me tell you that for the artists and creative persons, there are many things beyond the bedroom walls! I have seen one – P Satyadeep, getting out of the walls in the very first attempt. I hope that his effort will motivate the future novelists, as the profession is very popular today, to do something different.

Reading folks, I will tell all of you that his work The Allegorical Expedition is a must read and you should try your reading senses on it. Grab a copy of the book and find yourself some happy hours and curious instincts reading it… happy reading!

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