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And this is why people have started talking that Modi is the tallest leader of India post-independence! He has shown the way and I am pretty sure other parties won’t ever dare to follow this path. Being often on the receiving end of the criticism and relentless allegations by political idiots like Arvind Kejriwal, NaMo has stood firm once again. The PM Narendra Modi has directed all his party’s MPs and MLAs to disclose and present their bank statements between November 8 to December 31.

Post this nearly paradigm shift in Indian political parties history, it’d be interesting to see which way the camel sits now. The opposition parties which were already seen divided and confused over the issue have a new score to settle now. Politicians like Kejriwal, Mamta and Congress people have always been of the opinion that Modi has hinted his party’s leaders, netas and even workers about the coming move. They have been alleging huge transactions in the accounts of BJP members. To end every movement of the pawns and other pieces, Modi has played a master move and check-mated the King!

The big question is – will other parties follow? The party like AAP which has been formulated only to make the national politics corruption free will be interesting to follow. What would be the next move of the opposition? While these questions are to be answered in the future, Narendra Modi has clearly proved that intentions of the leader are good. This is the political will and intent to do progressive politics in the nation which was lacking for decades in our country’s mainstream ‘rajneeti’. While we are all standing open-arms to welcome a new India, this move is going to be very significant for the dream that is settling now in the youths of the country. Let’s follow the news as it is destined to bring many follow-backs with it.

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