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Why do you travel? If someone asks this question to you, the reply that would occur will be something like – to enjoy life, to learn new things, to burn my cash, to make new friends, just to hangout and things like this… however, what about an expedition which is ‘allegorical’? Well, it seems like a fancy idea but for the author of a new book – The Allegorical Expedition, P Satyadeep, this idea means too much!

P Satyadeep, the author, who is also an HR professional, has written a wonderful book entitled The Allegorical Expedition. The story of a movie director and his journey (rather wandering) is the soul of this book and which eventually becomes an allegorical expedition for the readers as well. To the end, you are going to enjoy this book and find many peculiar things you might have never known.

The world which we have lost; the world which has been left far far behind for a new one we have made a ‘weak new world’ of sex, racism, modernism, cheap stories… that world seems coming back in the book. It felt good coming across the descriptions of ghats in Varanasi, ashrams, cultural landscapes and so many things that will give you a kind of relief… you simply cannot miss this wonderful book by P Satyadeep I bet you!

I was not at all hoping that an author in this age would ever bother to write about Devikundam! However, he has done it! Reading about the things which we have only known in mythologies and learning more about them through modern authors gives us a kind of satisfaction that the usual table stories cannot!

Yes, there is a magic in the realms which we don’t generally bother to explore. That magic needs to be unfolded and presented to world, and seeing the things happening, gives me a hope. Themes and plots, ideas and impetus, there are many things wrapped with our ancient marks. One needs to go ahead and untie the things and P Satyadeep has taken the courage to be on this ‘allegorical expedition’.

You can buy the book here: https://www.amazon.in/Allegorical-Expedition-Quest-Truth-ebook/dp/B01LXHFJIE

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