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America, let’s settle for a two president theory! Can you? In my life, it’s the first time that I am seeing so much of protest on the roads and so much of ‘hatred’ for a single creature called ‘Trump’. He was bashed; he was abused; he had so many names during the elections; he was a butt of controversy… no doubt! Indeed, he is a kind of person who might have come to the power in the USA by foul means – but, this is the beauty of a democracy, isn’t it? The voters decide who is going to be the person to lead them. And once they have done so, accepted Trump and rejected Hillary, what is it that the people running in the streets cannot digest? Before you decide, there are so many layers in this presidential story and you have to take into consideration each one of those to drive your ideas to a logical conclusion.

There is no doubt that the president-elect of the superpower of this world – USA, isn’t a person of that kind who can be liked unanimously. There will always be only a section of people who will stand with him and if I may say, it is the very thing that qualifies the power of a two-party or even a multi-party democracy. If there is only one person and everyone is supposed to like that ‘one’ you can say that democracy in that part of the world is in danger – North Korea.

Somehow, the liberal people, who have taken it for granted that Hillary is going to be the first woman president of the USA, were so confident that they wrote off the candidature of Trump entirely. Behind them, was standing the media of the USA and also the international media got their back. There was only one motive of every news anchor it seemed, let the world know how ‘fool’ a person Trump is and how wise the ‘Madame president’ will be for the nation. And what did Trump do? He carried on with his efforts and campaigns. He went in the areas where the ‘elite’ steps feared to land. Undoubtedly, Trump is, was, and possibly will be blunt and candid. Hillary, to woo the world and voters, managed to find a place for every possible quotient of the electoral formalities. She was never clear on ISIS; she was never clear on terrorism; she was never ready to subscribe that yes, there is a role of hardcore islam in terrorism… and people were well aware that ‘she’ has been in power for 10 years already and what she did on these fronts was NOTHING!

Thus, this political election went entirely incorrect on the political measures. Trump took the mood of the voters which was against the institution and establishment. He gave the mood of the voters a ride on his clever speeches (which might be termed in so many terms). Voters banked on his whims and thought him to be the only person appropriate for the moment and thus we all know what happened on another 9/11… You like it or not – Donald Trump is the new president of the USA!

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