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The Nitish Kumar led Bihar Government which also boasts the allies like RVP and SuMo, to me, has failed to impress because I can still see the same Bihar which was once the trademark of illness and lawlessness in the country when a lampoon and thug like Lalu Yadav was the chief minister of the state – what have you done so far, Nitish ji? 

The biggest setback for the state is its weakening education system and also the state of chaos among the youths who not getting any jobs. There is no scope for job production as the state is giving no attention at all to the causes which could promote job and if some vacancies are even created by God’s grace, there are the ‘setters’ as the local tongue has it, who can easily ‘fix’ the seats and take money for the ‘easy jobs’. And the bigger problem is that everything is going under the nose of the government and there is no one who could see into these matters of urgent importance because somewhere, we all know, the government is letting it happen! 

I won’t name the person; I won’t name the ‘setter’ but I will surely let the readers know a reality. A person came to me claiming that he will be securing a job at AIIMS, Patna within 2-3 months. However, there were no vacancies for any post as he told, right then. I was wondering how this could even be possible! However, the power of money had it and he got a job as an accountant in some store at AIIMS, Patna! 

There are thousands of such accounts and a hundred thousand stories to be told. Who will listen to these? The government is busy creating the human chain against the ‘dahej pratha’ which is, by all means, a noble cause. However, who will educate the same people that bribing for a job and accepting such bribes are also a crime! There is a serious problem in the education and job sector in the state of Bihar and we will have to make the government aware of the same. 

by an unemployed youth from Bihar!

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