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Not so long ago, in fact, only two days back, we were celebrating the move of Modi government to allow a visa to Dolkun Isa, a Germany-based Chinese dissident. China calls this person a terrorist. Dolkun Isa is a leader of WUC, World Uyghur Congress. He was to come to India to attend a grand conference on Democracy. When the reports flew across the Indian media that he has been allowed to come to Dharamsala and attend the event, it was a time that the supporters of the present government in centre took to celebrate. Not only the supporters, also the coastal audience were happy with wide chests that India has finally done something to stare directly into the eyes of the dragons.

You need to understand the events in a chronological order first. Some days ago, China has snubbed India over the issue of sanction of Masood Azhar, the mastermind who was the key person behind the Pathankot terror attacks. For China, Masood is not a terrorist; he is just a citizen. Indian government tried all the possible methods of diplomacy but they did not work. Even the UN path could not see the destination.

Thus, the decision to give visa to the WUC leader Dolkun Isa was seen as a tit for tat move by the Modi government. As an Indian, I was also overwhelmed that finally we have a government that can see into the eyes of China without an ounce of fear. However, the happiness did not last long as a day later, the news came that visa to Isa has been denied. Talking to a channel, Isa has told that he was unhappy with the Indian authorities who denied him the visa. However, the German-based ‘China-proclaimed terrorist’ has blamed China for the visa cancellation. He said that it must be China to pressurize the Indian government. The Indian authorities have a different narrative for the issue. Indian authorities have pushed the Interpol red corner notice against Dolkun Isa as their excuse.

Whatever be the case, the angle of China pressure cannot be ruled out from the case. Indeed, it’s clear that we are still not in a condition where we can have a one-on-one with the Chinese. Now say it the lack of will or some kind of prudence, but Modi has tried to be in a coo with China rather than being a Putin! The list of events has given a chance to the Congress and other parties to scorn the Modi-led NDA government on social media and the tv channels.

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