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When the IPL controversy was in the court (was in High Court & then in Supreme Court), the icon and my childhood Hero Sachin Tendulkar was silent. I really needed him to speak up and defend humanity and take a clear stand against this verbose form of cricket that is adding just ‘nothing’ to Indian cricket except bags full of money to the cricketers. However, he has done something. The cricket legend, Sachin, along with Pepsi, has discussed plans to help the drought-hit Marathwada. He had met the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis in this regard.

Today is Sachin’s birthday. He has become 43 now. So, a very happy birthday Sachin! I wish you a great year ahead!

He has already come up in against the child labour. Sachin has also supported the skill India mission of the Narendra Modi government. He is not only known for the number of runs he has scored on the field but also for the number of good works he does off-field. The cricketing world knows him as a great cricketer, the greatest batsman and the gentleman who had enjoyed the love and respect of opponents as well!

Tendulkar retired from all formats of international cricket in 2013. His last match and his emotional farewell speech still reverberate in the memories of his millions of fans across the world. A month ago, he became the first cricketer to cross 10 million twitter followers, followed by Virat Kohli, another legend in making.

In the meeting with Dev Fadnavis, Sachin discussed the possible plans to help the drought affected people. Fadnavis later tweeted about this meeting. He referred Sachin as Bharat Ratna.

Maharashtra is facing one of the biggest droughts in its history. Dams after dams are going dry and there is no sign of rain. In the wake of events, the Bombay High Court has guided IPC to shift the matches scheduled in Maharashtra out of the state.

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