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If rumours are to be believed, America is the creator of the ISIS – a group of fundamentalist Muslim militants who are ready to murder anyone. However, I am not in the mood to go into the details of who created the evil. I just wish to express my feelings – let us suppress the evil and wipe them away. In the recent years, ISIS has almost established itself as the major synonym of terror. The latest cowardish attack on the football fans watching the Real Madrid match in a cafe, the Paris terror attack, the Brussels attack and many more… you will find ISIS omnipresent in the terms of terror. In each drop of tear that came out after the unfortunate death of Alan Kurdi, you could have sensed the fear of those ISIS savages. ISIS, in the simplest terms, is the group of brain-dead people who enjoy killing as much as a mother would enjoy fondling her infant.

Going into the history, the first seeds of ISIS were buried underground during the early years of the 21st century. 1999-2006 is considered as the first phase of their development. 2006-13 is considered to be the development phase of these tyrants as they established themselves by then as the Islamic State of Iraq. And today, we all know where they stand.

ISIS has taken the form of a hydra-headed monster now. You cannot kill it in just one go. It’s expanding the trails and knocking the far-far pieces of land. You can easily find the news about the moles and stooges of ISIS. The most recent example is – the story of 3 US ISIS recruits. From different parts of the world, youths are showing an urge to join this terror organisation. India is also not left behind in the contest and we have many instances. Muslim youths from good families often fall prey to the trap laid by the ISIS online and offline and tend to support their false ideologies. Escaping the scrutiny of their parents and the wounded Indian intelligence, they easily slip out of the country and in most of the cases, they successfully join hands with terror. All these go to justify only one thing that people love evil more than they fear evil! (Am I right? Please, somebody, come ahead and prove me wrong. The reality is rather a horror!)

The memories of the young IT worker from Bengaluru, Mehdi Masroor Biswas, who was supposedly handling the twitter handle for ISIS, are still fresh in my mind. It was December, 2014 when the arrest of Mehdi took place. After his arrest, the ISIS had threatened the police department. (Can you imagine how strong is their network in India? And the question still remains – what we have done?) Not only the sleeper cells every now and then, fully active stooge have also been detained from various departments. And all these instances only go ahead to increase our worry about the spread of ISIS in India. They can easily mislead our youths and instil the fundamentalist’s thoughts in their minds. And we all know that fighting a lion is rather easy than finding out and fighting the fox in disguise!

Moving away from India, we cannot talk anything about Pakistan. And China is a box in confinement where no one from the outside can peep. European nations; American countries; Russia and other major countries are taking the challenge of ISIS and accumulating all their possible resources to fight them out. But the problem lies with the countries like us which are more easily vulnerable to the terror ideology (tie-up with terror to assassinate Modi?). Politics of the country can often stoop to endorse terrorism to score their political agendas right.

Whatever be the problems, we need to talk about the possibilities and the solutions. Putin is showing his wild breast and Obama seems a little dubious. You will have trouble believing but the truth is that the weapons used by ISIS people are imported from the USA! Now, I am supplying you the gun and I am thumping my chest that I will fight you out sounds a little confusing. Under Modi’s rule, India has shown a little more courage and willpower to fight terrorism – but there is still a long way to go. For all those who are wishing the ISIS to be extinct, we have to wait and watch because none but ‘we’ have let them grow so bigger under our nose! We have to fight against our very creation. May God wish us the God Speed.

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