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Allahu Akbar….. filler Allahu Akbar ….

I don’t think we need the fundamentals of Rocket Science to decrypt this message. It’s not encrypted as well; it’s a public knowledge now that terrorists are using the garb of a religion to continue their activities keep harming the civil society. How much our ‘secular media’ might try to hide the truth but it comes open. ‘Islamic Terrorism’ is as much a truth as much is it that the USA has largely contributed in making terrorism a havoc for the world. Obama has no face left to hide and that’s why we have witnessed the loss of Clinton in the recently concluded presidential elections in the United States of America. Now the question is – why the Western media as well as Indian and Asian media silent? Why are our journalists displaying a selective approach while reporting terrorism? Indeed, the argument that terrorism has no religion stands all valid; nevertheless, terrorists are prepared or in better word, routed ‘via Islamic preaching’ cannot be denied as well!

A person kills another person; the killer is special squad’s member and the deceased was an ambassador. Both the persons involved in the unfortunate event were important. The only difference that separated the both was that one was Islamic fanatic and another was yet another victim! How long will it take to acknowledge that there are the people in the world who are serving a cooked up version of the religion Islam to the youths? How long shall we wait to recognize that nations like Pakistan are officially sponsoring terrorism? How many more lives are to be sacrificed on the altar of secular approach towards terrorism?

ISIS – ‘Islamic’ State of Iraq and Syria. Please read the quoted word carefully; there is none else but the terrorists themselves are associating their butchery with the religion. This calls for the religious preachers of the religion targeted to come to the fore and collectively denounce the acts like one happened yesterday. However, it’s very disappointing to learn that some of the religious leaders as well use their following among the masses to legitimise the terror activities. Even more surprising at times, some of them, like Zakir Naik, actually inspire people to indulge in Jihad!

Coming to India, here, we have no dearth at all of the people who are ready now and again to sympathize with the terrorists. Themselves, they bring the religious angle when terrorists are encountered; when they are sentenced to death or even when they are taken into custody. Not only this, young students at certain educational institutions swear to carry on with the work left ‘undone’ by the terrorists like Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru. Wow! What else the terrorists (Mujahids) would need? Free publicity and intellectual fielding are the things that they would dream… How can we hope for a better tomorrow amid all this?

Friends, we need to wake up and first of all acknowledge the danger at hand. We all agree that there is no religion of terror; and then, when one is killed or hanged, please don’t shout foul and raise slogans under the garb of a religion. If they can butcher humanity, then, to save, we will need to have the heart to butcher them even severely than they could imagine!

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