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There have been many books which claim to keep you motivated and charged to take up the challenges thrown to you in your life. Yes, you must be remembering the classics of the motivational books – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Success etc. And those books are good, no doubt. However, when we look back and check our ‘own baskets’ we find either very few of just too much. Motivational authors in India easily tend to follow the trail and so ‘something like them’ forgetting that people in India want things in easier ways. Luckily, we have some of them who understand what Indian readers need in the terms of motivation and inspiration for the life! The Mind Game by Devika Das is one of the motivational books that lets you know things the way you need to know; it’s for every section of readers. Let me try to unfold it further for you.

In a chapter entitled ‘Failure to Master Your Emotions,’ Devika writes about the adverse effects that suppressing one’s emotions can bring. Unlike what others could do, she has put the chapter considerably short and to the facts. And the best part I thought was the conclusion; you can read it yourself and judge:

“For instance, you cannot cry if you receive negative feedback during job interviews. However, the main thing is to find suitable [a] opportunity to vent out those negative feelings in a safe and healthy way.”

Now, what I see is that it’s the best way to tell the thing that she has told! Words are simple and message is rather direct than a scholarly tint attached to it. You cannot keep negative feelings inside you for long as it might harm your progress.

Devika Das, the author, has divided her book The Mind Game in different sections and further discussed important issues of the life in sub-sections which are wonderful. You can either read what you want or just go through the book thoroughly. This book is not aimed at a certain age-group of people or those who are professionals. This book can be equally enjoyed by persons from different sections. Students can take out the suggestions to keep themselves focused as well as professionals working in big firms also need focus in their jobs! Elderly people can understand by reading this book what are they missing in order to combat stress in life. Likewise, people worried about their relationships can take help of the sections in the book to maintain a healthy relationship with their relatives.

Nevertheless, as we all know that today’s world is the world of professionalism and rapid-moving technology. As we are a country of youths, they stand often at the receiving end. Most of the difficulties in modern life are faced at our workplaces. Devika has done a wonderful job in presenting the description of the kinds of problems faced in a work environment and also how to fight those successfully. A Happy Workplace – The Secret to a Long, Successful Career is the section that will help young people tremendously! She has rightly pointed out at the very beginning:

“In the modern context, we spend half of our lives at the workplace.”

He message is clear enough that we need to keep the another part of our life jolly-jolly! And believe me, you will love the way she has dealt with the section; surely, The Mind Game, as a book, will be helpful for the younger generation of readers who are working professionals.

At the end, while the time to conclude comes, I must say two things. First is that you must read this book if you want to know the common ‘how to do’ ‘when this happens’ in the terms of your life. The second thing is that if you want to get another opinion on what a successful life is and how to achieve, you must go through this book. Let me tell you that this is one the best non-fiction books that I have read recently, and you can believe me as I am a reader-at-large! Happy Reading folks and wish you all a good year! Keep rocking!

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