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America is a capitalist country, for many years American election have been fought on the capitalist money. In recent elections a politician Hillary is against a capitalist Trump. It will be a great election.

A capitalist understand the importance of working group (skilled and unskilled workers) which provide the man power to their capital and also understand the importance of middle class which functions as the larger part of consumer for their products. The ideology of a capitalist is to multiply money, earn profit and invest it again.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton having a political experience and having a political ethics; identify and recognize the social & racial issues.

The question is not about the individual character, but the question is about the USA and the type of new future it wants. Does USA want more economically enhanced USA or it wants more politically correct USA?

The results of this election will affect the whole world and affect the process of globalization. Let’s see what USA wants for itself and the world.

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