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Way to go, liberals! Really, it has become a fashion among the intellectuals of this great democracy to attribute even the spin of a coin to one and only – Modi ji sabse bade apradhi hain desh ke! Well, dear leftist and communist and marxist and anti-national friends, Modi ji, is the current prime minister of India and the same democracy has elected him DEMOCRATICALLY! You people have to digest this black stone that the left-fraternity could not stop him, and please, settle with this truth.


The single-day ban on NDTV is seen as, perhaps, the most heinous crime that Modi has committed. Sure, it’s a democracy and questions will be raised on the steps taken by any institution, whether it’s a school or the PMO. However, are these ultra-leftist people taking the cognition of the things in order? Has this ‘lighter-ban’ on a channel like NDTV come out of the blue? And the most important of all, is this the first time that a channel is going off-air in India because of a penalty? (penalty for the violation of terms)


My dear comrades (well, I don’t like you people so much, just a way of addressing), I will tell you a truth now which you will find too tough to bear.

“Between 2005 and 2013, when the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance was in power, as many as 20 channels were taken off air, mostly for flouting rules against showing adult content and nudity.”

A place where we care so much about the ‘freedom of expression’ and free speech, as far as we can easily bypass the slogans like ‘bharat ki barbadi’ and make heroes out of the c-grade criminals, cannot we raise questions when a channel is banned just because of showing some adult content? No, this is a nation which seems to be hijacked by Nehruvian and leftist ideologies! These people will protest if a government is mulling to ban blue films but they will keep quiet when a government bans a channel just on the charges of showing adult content – wow! the shameful duplicity!

The truth is that NDTV has been punished very rightly for the serious crime they have committed by compromising our national security. This channel has broadcasted serious information related to the operations by our army and also the Pathankot airbase. And jokes like Kejriwal and Junior Gandhi are ready to peddling lies once again. For those who cannot decipher what’s going on, I will break the walls to bricks. Here is an example of dubious reporting friends:

Scenario: There is a building within our borders. This building is not properly protected and could be targeted by the Pakistani terrorists.

A channel (unbiased & neutral): The building near the XYZ border of India needs to be protected even more as it is important to reinforce the safety measures during the proxy war situations.

NDTV: You can see this building and decide yourself. There is not in-depth security on the gate number 5 and terrorists can easily breach through this gate and use the stairs to take control of the roof and execute their plans.

I hope you have an idea now why this channel has been taken through trial and why most of the viewers are against NDTV. That’s why, I call for a celebration! No one has the right to play around with our national security just under the camouflage of freedom of speech!

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