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“Please get down. You are a Muslim; you have beards; you look different and you can’t board this flight.” The country where such statements are usual in a daily ‘day’ should not lecture us in the terms of religion and tolerance. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, acronymized as USCIRF, has released its yearly report and told the world that India was ‘intolerant’ towards religious freedom in 2015. Well, for 2015 in the USA, I have something to present. Here is The Guardian‘s headline’s verbatim of a news published on 31st December 2015:

“Young black men killed by US police at highest rate in year of 1,134 deaths”

“Seriously, dear Uncle SHAMS, are you in a state to say that India is intolerant? A country that recognizes its citizens on the basis of ‘black & white’ has no right to lecture other countries. You people attack Muslims; you attack and kill Sikhs; you think Hindus inferior and scorn them; are you a tolerant state, USA? You are not in a state to reply because you even criticize your president just on the fact that he is a Muslim!”

The religious hatred, racism, intolerance towards people following a different culture are common practices in the USA. Who can forget the hate group Dotbusters? It was the same USA who let it continue for 8 long years. They burnt Hindu temples in the country; attacked women; and did every sort of activity that depicted religious intolerance.

The USA needs to look inside first and find the fault lines within the boundaries. Not only within the boundaries, the Christian Missionaries from the USA have been religiously ‘terrorising’ the poor people across the globe. They can do anything to convert someone to Christianity. (Why can’t they do the same with Obama, by the way?) I will quote a Philip Goldberg, author of the American Veda:

“However, says the kindly health care worker, you can get the treatment free of charge. All you have to do is renounce the centuries-old traditions of your people and convert to a foreign religion.

Such offers are being made to desperate people in the villages and tribal areas of India.

I just returned from a month in that country, to mark the Indian publication of my book, American Veda. In the 18 cities I visited, the most frequently mentioned topic was the shady tactics of certain missionaries.”

He wrote this article on Huffington Post, from which I have quoted here. Any conscious American citizen, who can think freely, above the politics of the state, knows what is the truth.

Do you remember the song IANAHB (I am not a human being II)? Lil Wayne, the popular ‘black rapper’ from America, raps his pain of being an American in the song. “Americans hate the I’m American,” exact words say this. Why? Why does not USA appoint an internal committee to look for the religious intolerance and then advise to the USA president on the same?

At last,
“Dear USA, we Indians know when did you appear on the world atlas. We Indians know how is your attitude. You did never know and will never know since when we have been being and how long we will be… You can go ahead and shout like hell on the issues/agendas whatever you have. Just remember that India is not Iraq that you can capture our freedom like you did there! We do have some issues and those are being addressed properly. So, the advice is, don’t dare us on tolerance and don’t teach us intolerance.”

Note: Pardon the errors as the words came out of anguish.

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