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When the nation is talking about Agusta Chopper deals, there are some people in politics who are doing their best to somehow manage the deal once again. Do I need to name them? Honestly, I did never understand the politics of Mr. Kejriwal and his party – the Aam Admi Party, which no longer seems a party but a ‘chaupal’ where one man says and that’s the line on the stone. (Perhaps this is the reason why the founding members are still suffering the plague of leaving the party.) Admit, they are doing something good in Delhi, no matter many things wrong. However, they are still either immature in the national politics or ripe enough to act smart. The subterfuge by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to constantly question Mr. Modi on his degree is a hopeless attempt to divert the attention of the country and media from the agenda of the moment – the Agusta Scams.

Few TV channels and the ruling party BJP are actively cornering the UPA with ‘facts & evidence’ and Kejriwal is doing his best at what he does usually – baseless muckraking. When will he understand the norms of the country politics? When will he understand how to select the agendas for the moment? How long he will conceal himself behind the shield of ‘abhi to ham naye hain ji, sikh jayenge’. Back in Lok Sabha election 2014, when Kejriwal and his party members had to forcefully go through political hara-kiri, we all ignored them by saying they were new and over-ambition took them. But the way he is questioning the inaction of a party of two years in power over a party standing on 10 years of scam is enough to draw the eyeballs of political Pandits. Kejriwal is no more a novice in the national politics. The country is gradually seeing all his qualities being unfolded now.

However, the other side also needs adequate attention. Even if by the political tantrums of Kejriwal, the Modi government comes into action and takes the investigation forward, will be all good for the country. We need to know the ‘final names’ of the politicians who were involved in the Agusta Kickbacks ‘dealing’. Not only that, people are also excited to know the names of journalists who ‘managed’ media for the Italian company Finmeccanica in India. Yes, we are seeing the noises in Rajya Sabha and louder arguments on tv channels. But who cares? We want to see the culprits in jail.

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