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Corona Virus has taught us many things. It has taught us how to stay home without being too wanting for social (meaningful or meaningless) get-togethers. It has also taught us how to practice modern ‘Tapasya’ by staying in isolation rather than being too much into the concrete jungle. It has also taught us how to stay at home and work right from there – the modern concept of work from home which is expected to take over the general 9 to 5 routine that most of us have to follow. Nevertheless, it has also taught us that we should never trust the ones who call themselves celebrities when it comes to social responsibilities because for them the only thing that matters is money and their personal whims and nothing else. The recent example of Kanika Kapoor mingling into the public even when she was found Corona Positive has many lessons hidden (or rather apparent) in it. Should we ever trust these celebrities? 

Kanika Kapoor’s unfortunate and utterly irresponsible episode shows the nation that we cannot win our wars with so many literature and well-recognised enemies within who don’t even think about the consequences of their casual actions which might kill hundreds on the worst days. While there are celebrities who are doing their best to make people aware about the pandemic that COVID-19 is, there are many who are doing everything possible and within their prowess’ periphery to inflict as much pain as they can to the nation. Is it the right thing to do now? Is it the right way to do things in the days when we are about to enter a situation which will hit us on many fronts? 

The irresponsible and entirely avoidable participation in a party by many BJP leaders and minister was also very embarrassing for the nation when our PM Narendra Modi is doing his best at the height of his communication capacities to make people aware about the power of self-isolation in the wake of Corona outbreak in India. At the same time, we must also pull up these spoiled brats who are crying for help when trapped abroad and as soon as the wheels of those full flights hit the runways of Indian airports, they become bulls and hyenas and start shouting down and abusing the officials who are doing their best day and night to keep Indians and India safe (as much as possible) from the largely fatal corona virus. Is this the way to show your gratitude, Indians in foreign countries? Learn the art of being humble.
                        Dear Indians, we have to be united in the days and nights of this pandemic. It’s not treatable per se but many patients are getting back home after being cured. So, there is nothing to panic. We have to stay safe and stay home as much as possible. Below is a list of simple things that you can do to stay safe and also help the nation in the fight against corona virus. 

    ✓    Stay home as much as possible
    ✓    Wash your hands with sanitiser of any other soap or handwash frequently
    ✓    Distance yourself from unnecessary contacts with people
    ✓    Don’t do panic buying because the government has assured that we have enough of the essential items in store
    ✓    If it’s unavoidable and you have to go out of home, wear face mask or cover your nose and mouth with any clean cloth
    ✓    Don’t spread rumours

Dear Indians, it’s the time we stand united and defeat this evil from invading the wall of our resilience and will. 

by a contributor to India Latest News

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