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PM Narendra Modi has recently been conferred upon with the highest civilian order of the UAE by the president. Also called the Zayed Medal or Order of Zayed, this award has been given to 16 recipients before Narendra Modi. However, in terms of the statesman of democratic or government set-ups, Narendra Modi is one of the few recipients. The main question that arises after the award has been delivered by a Muslim Majority country, his endorsements are a proof that Modi is achieving heights internationally in terms of bilateral relations and strategic ties with the nations of importance or not? And the second question is that is Narendra Modi really anti-minority in India?

After receiving awards from various nations for his achievements and peace efforts, as big as the Seoul Peace Prize, Narendra Modi has certainly taken his resume for the ‘director of a democracy’ to new heights. In India, on the other hand, the opposition parties and a few selected and ‘outstanding’ journalists are never tired of branding him as a hardcore Hindutva leader and a person who does his politics by breaking people into their religious identities. Is it true? Is Narendra Modi really a person who does his politics by bringing minorities to confront hate crimes and questions?
Well, Modi has done many times more for the minorities in terms of arithmetic and budget allocations. He has also done many things for the perception change and women empowerment and the results are evident. And this was only the result of his inclusive and statesmanship approach that there were no rights in Gujarat after the riots of 2002. Are these things not proof enough to change the opinions of those here in India towards Modi? If you analyse things clearly, there is much of Narendra Modi that only lives and ideas in TV studios where he never comes!
Recently, in an interview to ABP news, he clarified his views about Muslims very vocally. However, it will certainly not suit the narratives of some of the journalists who are still living in the sham reminiscence of the year 2002. Still, anything should not stop us from rejoicing the achievement that Narendra Modi has received for India – the order of Zayed. It is from the course that he might visit the UAE very soon to collect this medal and become the first Indian Prime Minister to have achieved such a feat.

By Sundar for India Latest News

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