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It comes not as a surprise that people do not care whether the country next to theirs prospers or doesn’t; as a matter of fact- two neighbours, Pakistan and India – have people who largely repudiate the idea of praying or lending a hand in the other ones property.

Unfortunately, this thinking is not only too obsolete to any longer be sustainable- it is also terrorising and disgusting.

So yes – before I say much more; I say it out loud – I’m seventeen and I apparently according to some knowledgable, wise leaders (and elders) I know nothing about politics. As a matter of fact, they assume that given my naive state of mind; I can barely apprehend the nature of the relationship between two people – spare apart two nations with quite a lot “History”.

Unfortunately, they might actually be right. So yeah, if you think they are right – be my guest and leave this post as soon as you read these words; but wait – I might actually have something better to say.

You see, today I’m not here to write about politics because apparently, I’m too immature to talk about this really “wise” and “dense” subject.

Thus, I reveal to you now that I intend to talk about neighbours; just plain old neighbours who share the same origin and hence used to once live in the same house – now separated by finances, leaders of their houses and a wall (or a border).

The two now-neighbours divided their shared house because their beliefs and ways of life made it quite impossible to co-exist. Therefore, like any adult intellectual – they decided to part into two and live separate lives as they wanted.

Unfortunately, in their parting, they discovered hatred for each other and his way of life. Thus they regularly cited both, reasonable and unreasonable basis for their courses of action.

These two neighbours parted their homes nearly about 68 years ago yet still carry prejudice against the other in their hearts and thus believe, without the slightest bit of evaluation that the other person is nothing but a purely evil enemy. Although I would like to add a twist to this story and make it happier; I unfortunately can not turn reality to fiction. And so, these neighbours do hate each other, and keep trying their best (Like students in high school) to make the other one look as bad as possible, to ruin the other neighbour reputation in any and all platform and forums they get.

While they do this, the people surrounding these two neighbours sit, laugh and enjoy the drama that prevails between these two. The leaders of these two houses figure out ways to plant damaging creatures in the others’ house and enjoy watching them hurt in turmoil. This happens regularly – and is done by both sides – thus common, very common. But these two are not the only enemies of each other. 3 parties and other enemies attack and hurt both these countries and laugh at them when they either suffer or blame the neighbour for any atrocious act.

Guess what?

While one of them thinks that the “rat infestation” in the others’ house is healthy for themselves, they end up being attacked and plagued with the rats themsevles. Therefore, when one of the neighbour faces a tragedy or an attack, a domino effect is set in order which eventually leads to the other one being influenced negatively.

Now, I’ll come back to reality. Picture these neighbours on a larger scale; say two countries? Okay, choose two countries of the like now. Ireland and the UK? Nah, they’re too busy in their cynical lives. What about Pakistan and India? Damn now, doesn’t this make sense.

Well, I guess I might have shown you the larger picture in the smallest way possible, in the most non political way that I suppose I am allowed to think in.

Therefore, I attempt to impart only one; and truly only one lesson to anyone who deems these penned words fit for reading.

The state of affairs in your neighbours house will always affect you, and if he is plagued – it will not take much time before you are too. Therefore, I urge the leaders of neighbouring houses to get together and devise plans to fight back these third parties; clear the misunderstandings and prejudice that exists between them; to therefore conclusively not only ensure their own prosperity but that of their neighbour as well. Honestly, its time to grow up and let the anger slide – 68 years is enough years of hate.

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