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Sunny Leone: A Treat of Dignity.

A recent interview rocked my core as a woman. The celebrity on the receiving end was the lady who captures millions of hearts- Sunny Leone. TV Journalist- Mr. Bhupendra Chaubey started the show by calling her a celebrity who is ‘loved and loathed’ at the same time’; who was held with ‘curiosity and hatred’ (his words not mine!); someone who is ‘antithetical to being an Indian Woman.”

He then went on to show his familiarity by addressing Sunny by a name given to her by birth, but not the one she used to eke out a career for herself- Karanjeet. Then he dissected her name further with the apt pronunciation. For heaven’s sake, if a person of Indian origin is named Sam (after the Sama Veda), even he would be called Sam as any European named Sam, in a non-Indian environment. What was he trying to prove- Him being an Indian and Sunny a wannabe?

Applauding Mr. Chaubey for his command over the language English and skills in pronouncing an Indian name correctly, I beg to differ with the man who thinks he knows Indian Women better than probably women themselves.

Mr. Chaubey, said to Sunny Leone, “You are not an actor, you have a body that will take you anywhere,” with that leery-eyed look. Let me tell you the Ellora Caves celebrated womanhood! Where are they found? Unfortunately for Mr. Chaubey, it’s in the heart of India. The world visits the caves of Ajanta and Ellora to celebrate craftsmanship, beauty, culture and acceptance of women in their purest form. If the Kama sutra can commemorate human needs, attraction and a spiritual context to what we today think are ‘Un-Indian’, please rethink. If you visited the aforementioned caves or flipped through the aforementioned book, would you have the same look on your face Mr. Chaubey and all other people who make a fuss about ‘Bharatiya Sabhyata’ or that of appreciation? It is a surety that the caves and the books are widely Googled too 😉

Now, that brings me to the ‘Google’ question. So Sunny Leone has been held responsible for India’s high rank as Porn viewer at #1 in 2015. We were a paltry #3 and #4 in the last five years in the world survey. Now had we been at #100 and jumped to #1 that would have been considerable. We were always the one of the top 5 Porn watchers of the world. We Indians generally have 2 mobiles at our disposal. We Indians are one of the highest consumers of the internet. Now, if the number of users on the internet would increase, so would the search results. Can we really say Sunny Leone did it? Did she provide free internet access to everyone who Googled her? Come on! Even our esteemed PM would not mind if a girl is being Googled more than him. He believes to uplifting the women of India!

Mr. Chaubey also wanted to know if Sunny would someday be seen in a traditional Indian attire (‘Saree from head to toe’, as per him). I guess men fail to realise that Saree is the most revealing outfit in the entire world apart from probably the ones draped at Brazilian Carnivals. So, if our culture appreciates seeing a woman appreciate her contours, rejoice in her beauty, why are these ‘Sanskari’ funny people objecting?

Mr. Chaubey asked all his diabolical questions on the pretext that his viewers wanting to know about those silly questions. Honestly, viewers don’t always look for sensation at the cost of a person or celebrity. Viewers who are common people struggle every day to live with respect. They would not want to see someone aspersed on primetime television. So, I have a feeling that the journalist did it all under the pretext of the so-called viewers. He was trying to humiliate the lady. The apt idiom to describe this unappreciated act of the esteemed journalist is: Don’t shoot off somebody’s shoulders.

Now the last pertinent question among all the other ones is when Mr. Chaubey declared that “Sunny Leone is a threat to housewives.” Looking at the real picture, I guess its Mrs. Chaubey or would be Mrs. Chaubey (provided he isn’t married) must have teased him about the interview. He took it personally as he probably is one of those who Googles Sunny Leone quite often and thought he was caught in the act. Lol! Men are known to act defensively in the most offensive ways!

As a girl child of India, who has grown up to be a woman in the Indian Society, I look up to Sunny Leone. I agree with her when she says she was fascinated to look at beautiful women. It fascinates me, and many other women. For me, Sunny Leone is not a threat. The threat would probably be my own insecurities as an Indian Woman that has been instilled in me through years of brainwash and shaming. No, Sunny Leone is a woman of substance.

She was disgraced; she was humiliated by this journalist. She was even objectified by the man who thought he was trying to shroud his sleaziness with intellect. But Sunny Leone withstood it all as any self-enlightened person would. She taught us what price she pays for being beautiful, talented and unconventional. If there was anyone more dignified I had seen amidst all the filth is thrown at her, I would not be rejoicing Sunny Leone in this article or the women who like her win it all with their dignity and self-acceptance.

The only ‘regret’ is probably the Journalist’s who made a muck of his character. He has given a glimpse of how wretched society can be. He is a victim of the social annihilation some pride as ‘Bharatiya Sabhyata.’ I hope they learn their lesson. Here is the interview to celebrate the poise and self-respect every woman in the world commands. Sunny Leone is a proud representative for us all.


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