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I was just listening to Ashutosh and Arnab in a video on YouTube. Both the seasoned journalists were addressing some future journalists in a program organised by an institution of media and journalism. Well, we all know Ashutosh, out of the two, disgraced journalism later, as it was an event back in 2011. To my surprise, and most of you will find yourselves surprised too, Ashutosh told, as an answer to a question, Hindi journalism is getting in a bad direction. He added that the day is not far when some of the Hindi journalists will be beaten on the road and their robe will be torn apart by people. Ashutosh, how prudent you were then? Your words were right to the marks of a perfect prophecy; you did the same and also got slapped in public… this is the way a perfect journalist goes! However, it does not suit my time to talk about Ashutosh. I will rather focus on the things that Arnab Goswami said in that event. Moreover, I will also add my opinions.

Arnab emphasized on the value of an ‘indulged journalism’ rather than callous and dry journalistic approach. I concur with his thoughts. Seeing something that is wrong; telling others a ‘narrative’ of what happened there; hiding behind the stage and leave people in quandary… this is what Indian journalism was some years ago. However, with the emergence of the new class, new blood, new faces on the horizon of ‘news market’, things started changing. I will surely extend my greetings towards Arnab Goswami; he has indeed revolutionized the world of Indian journalism with his ‘take a stand’ approach on the prime time. Unlike other journalists of those days, he selected his editorial agendas that related to common people and in a way, led the rally of questions that we all used to have in our minds. Why will not people follow him? The result came out and gradually, people started following his show. What we see today is an unchallenged prime time slot and a ‘much debated than his debates’ anchor! Way to go Arnab!

His approach also inspired other journalists and today we have a bunch of other anchors who have started to have their opinions expressed. Not only in the electronic media, the print media has also witnessed an evolution since the past decade. We have articles which stand with the truth; we also have some crap pieces which try the best to forge the falsehood and make it appear like truth. Whatever be the case, journalism is becoming indulging, and it’s a good sign for the profession.

Nevertheless, we all are aware of the phrase that we have been listening since our childhood – anything access is bad. Journalists will have to keep in mind that over indulgence in this responsible profession is not good. The best example is recent JNU controversy. Senior journalists like Ravish and Rajdeep were favouring the ‘wrong side’ by blackening the tv screen and writing proudly that they are anti-nationals. Will this work?

As far as ILN is concerned, I assure all our readers that we stand with truth, whatever may come. We stand with things which are valuable and necessary for the society. We will keep fighting the negativity, favouritism, and bias in journalism forever.

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