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Indian Railway is ready to witness a historical chapter of its history. The fastest train on the Indian railway track is all set to run on Tuesday onwards. Yes, the much awaited Gatimaan Express will be launched on the coming Tuesday. The debut race that this train will run will the distance from Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi to Agra Cantt. On April 5, be ready to witness speed, for the first time from the Indian Railways. This is going to be a history defining moment for the country as we always had complaints about the speed of our railway system on and off the track.

10 am in the morning, Suresh Prabhu, the honourable railway minister of the country, will green flag the inaugural run of Gatimaan Express. However, Suresh Prabhu will launch the remote control from his office, defining another digital India moment.

Gatimaan Express does not only have a super fast speed to attract the passengers. This train has many features that Indian railway passengers always wished to have. With 12 AC coaches, Gatimaan will also have hostesses in each of its coaches. This luxury train will provide free wi-fi to its passengers along with the automatic doors facility. This train journey is going to be very comfortable!

Gatimaan will spend only 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Agra Cantt from the Nizammudin station. Usually, this distance takes almost 3-4 hours when you travel by train. Nevertheless, you will have to pay a little more for this luxury. The fares will be costlier than the benchmark of train luxury – Shatabdi Express. But as the rule goes, one who pays always gets… To enjoy a faster journey with great features on board, passengers will be willing to pay.

This train will run six days a week. It will not run on Fridays as Taj Mahal is closed on that day. The intent of the government is clear; they are attracting the eyes of those visitors who go to Agra to see the Taj. By the way, who goes to Agra for any other reason?

For this historic step of the government, Suresh Prabhu deserves the ‘congratulations’ from Indians. Amidst flak and harsh words, he has landed the wish of fast speed on the Indian track. We will have to wait and watch how the Gatimaan runs. For the time being, it’s a great move by the Indian Railways!

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