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Dear Sagarika Ghose,
read your blog in Times of India about media being anti-Hindu or not. You did your best to delude people with your smart arguments and create a ‘make-believe’ fallacy that the notions about anti-Hindu mainstream media in the nation are coming out of nowhere. I acknowledge your artistry of forging the story this time as well. Indeed, you put all your efforts to defend yourself and the media fraternity, the English channels in your terms, from the charge of ignoring the issues related to the majority. However, I don’t buy your argument; I don’t buy your arguments at all! I will go one step further to say that people like you are not only anti-Hindu, but you are anti-Muslim as well. You people are also anti-humanity. Journalists like you seem to have some problems with the development of the country and development of the minority as well. I will spare Rajdeep today; he has had enough already for his anti-national article. Sagarika, I have some observations to share with you:

A person with a light sense of journalism can easily infer that you are a staunch anti-Hindu person just by visiting your twitter timeline. However, I am not going to call you an anti-Hindu. I have strong belief that you are anti-development, anti-humanity and anti-democracy. During the Varanasi visit of Modi, you wished he could visit the Gyanvapi Mosque too. Can I demand a clarification from you for this wish? What is the purpose behind instigating such issues? Yes, people will call you anti-Hindu, Sagarika Ghose, I will say you just tried to provoke the sentiments of Muslim people as well! You have a public influence; if you cannot use it for the well-being of others, please don’t spread the flames of your ambiguous mind. I am still baffled with your demand which later made you see the rebukes even from Pakistan!


Leave your agendas aside, even your language is condemnable. What exactly do you mean by the word ‘bhakt’? You are the champion of freedom of expression; you praise when JNU students openly loud the ‘shahadat’ of a TERRORIST Afzal Guru; why don’t you let others have their freedom of expression? If I praise PM Modi, will I be called a bhakt? Don’t I have the right granted by Indian constitution? And you call yourself a ‘liberal’ journalist? Sagarika, you are congress leaning, country hating, anti-human journalist who have so many masks to wear at different occasions. Years ago, you mixed Yoga, and Ganga with ‘Hindu’ agendas and on 21st June 2015, you pretended that you have ‘been doing yoga for two decades’. I did not see a face-liar like you before!

You always cry for rights of women, rights of dalit women, rights of wives etc etc. Have you ever thought about the rights of Muslim women? Have you ever condemned their helplessness against the utter disgracing three worded divorce? The answer is no! Because you love doing the ‘hate-journalism’ when it comes to Hindu-Muslim issues. You cannot raise the issues of serious concern; you just know how to gain TRP for your channel with a ‘certain’ propaganda. In fact, you are the biggest Anti-Muslim as well! You only use the Muslim sentiments to settle your personal scores against Modi. The best thing about the country is, even Muslims gradually are coming to know your mindset and crafty concerns.

Do you know why Hindus call you anti-Hindu? Scan your twitter timeline. You will find that you did not even push a single tweet about the severe murder of Hindu men in Kerala by those LEFTIST GOONS. One more quality attributed to you is your fabrication of news. Whenever something happens to anyone from our Muslim brothers community, almost with blind-eyed sensibility, you go frenzy: Muslim murdered brutally; Muslim man killed; India going intolerant and all that. Did you ever have the same courage when innocents from Hindu community are killed? The answer is no!

I say stop this nonsense; stop your personal agendas from coming into your profession; stop your personal hatred against the government from peeping into your journalism. You speak about democracy in the terms of debate and discussion. Do you know that in a democratic country, the parliament is the temple?

A terrorist named Afzal Guru was directly involved in the attack on the temple of democracy, and you supported those who called him a martyr? Why not should people label you with the adjective ‘anti-national’? Why not should someone go ahead and call you deshdrohi? The fun that you people have made of our nation is like water flowing overhead now. Jhanda or Danda? Do you have a sense of respect for our national flag, Sagarika Ghose? You write you so-called ‘satire’ and ridicule our national flag, the tricolour? You certainly are a person filled with utter disgust against the nation, if I may say so.

Saw you talking about the ‘dignity of Jawans’ of the country.

did you not feel shame when your ‘leftist hero’ said that they rape innocent women? The level of duplicity you have is unfathomed. And the worst part is that you easily get caught and don’t even reciprocate with an ‘apology’ that you demand from others.

How about an apology from you who has supported that ‘fact-less’ fool who says the riots may be classified according to his manipulations?

You raise those issues which create unnecessary controversies in the nation. You go ranting days and nights. You know one thing? The country is not full of people like you with prejudiced mindset. We have been living with peace, and this is what Bharatiya Sanskriti is.

The bottom line is: Yes, you are an anti-Hindu; you are an anti-Muslim; you are against the idea of a peaceful nation with harmony among Hindus and Muslims. But dear Sagarika Ghose, we are wiser than the ‘fool’ you think of us. Indians have rejected you as the old basket which cannot contain anything else than the rotten apples. May your mind understand the call!

(You have also tasted deer and giraffe in your food, kudos! I agree with you here that people must have the right to eat whatever they want until it does not violate IPC and Indian Constitution. (These days, constitution has almost become a subject of street fights, I am aware!) I have come to know that killing deer for meat is a crime in India.) Just saying…

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