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Sandeep Kumar, the sex-star of AAP who has been sacked from the cabinet as well as the party now, has opened many windows of fame for the party chief Kejriwal. However, no wonder, the ‘immaturity’ of the party which has merely passed 3-4 springs in Indian Politics cannot be kept behind the curtains by the immature politicians in the party. On the one hand, the hasty-pasty leadless leader Arvind Kejriwal is leaving no stone unturned to take the credit of ‘sacking his minister for women welfare and on the other, Ashutosh is openly contradicting the ‘gandi machhli’ theory of his leader. What is happening with AAP?

It all started with the tossed-up sex cd of Sandeep Kumar. Having the possession of the cd for at least 15 days, Kejriwal did nothing, as per the reports in the media channels. When Arvind came to learn that the mainstream media is finally going to take up this news, he was forced to act in his usual style, sacked the MLA and cabinet minister on twitter. After a day of sacking, Kejriwal made a video appearance and delivered his typical style monologue and sat on the moral high ground reflecting his moral-policing mindset. According to him, Sandeep has cheated the ideology of AAP and also the nation.

However, before the issue could cool down, another card was played by Ashutosh who publicly came in defence of his colleague in AAP and illustrated examples from the history of India. He did not show any sort of mercy even for the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and publicly ‘bashed’ his relations with his so-called ‘spiritual wife’ Sarla.

Now, before I get into other perspectives of the case, I want to ask Ashutosh a few questions. Ashutosh, do you understand any differences between a spiritual wife and a physical love interest? I hope you don’t! Yes, you are probably right about Nehru. However, you can’t even bring a person of the Nehru’s or the Gandhi’s or even Vajpayee’s stature to defend your friend Sandeep! Another question is, do you publicly take a stand against the beliefs of your leader Kejriwal? Do you mean to say that this ‘gandi machhli’ is not a problem for you? Please clarify your stand as the nation is entirely baffled with what’s going on in your party AAP!

Moreover, Times Now aired two and a half debate consecutively about the issue and Arnab Goswami too on the AAP’s untrustable stand on the entire sex row. Some paid social influencers of the Aam Admi Party today tweeted against the Times Now’s Arnab Goswami and they flashed an age-old ‘supposed’ story about the channel published in some oblivious newspaper. Why is AAP so rattled over the sequence of events? Why are they making it even more obvious by attacking a journalist and a channel which is doing its duty by questioning every possible corner which is most of the times left unquestioned?

This is so childish from AAP! They cannot keep on taking the credit by washing their own dirt and they’ll have to understand it. On the first hand, it was their mistake when they offered tickets to someone like Sandeep. It was their second mistake when they hatched possible escapes even after having the possession of the video for over half a month. Now, they are offering different line of arguments – Kejri version and Ashutosh version and also the Sandeep version. People of Delhi, be aware of what you see and then be informed of what you believe!

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